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General Discussion / Re: Hitbox viewer general support & feedback
« on: July 05, 2014, 09:38:25 AM »
First baby steps toward compiling comprehensive hitbox data on SRK Wiki:

Just seeing those hitbox images on the wiki feels absurdly exciting. <3
Can I request the Ioris next? :P

General Discussion / Re: The Official What's Streaming Now Thread
« on: June 21, 2014, 09:48:43 PM »

Kings of Colorado's KOF13 Hyper Battle is live!
In attendance the Kings of CO crew (obv.), Romance, Khannibalito, some guy named Juan I don't know and a Texan called Ben who's done a hellish drive there, is apparently a zombie and is bodying people anyway with Mature/Leona/Vice.

Come join us in the fun! ^_^

I think a lot of why people tend to rate Kim and Karate over Flame Iori and underrate Benimaru is that Kim and Karate are able to very straightforwardly bully people. Iori and Benimaru are a bit more negative style oriented, where they play a low-risk, noncommittal neutral game to goad the opponent into committing suicide. It's just a whole lot less obviously good than blowing through stuff with j.CD or bullying people with a neverending stream of buttons with high-low mixups thrown in.

Apart from the infinite, I think the big thing that makes Iori such a monster is his meterless game. Anything ever leads into rekkas (=good corner carry, high damage, useful knockdown for an okizeme monster) => oki => rekkas => oki => rekkas... basically, he's a vortex character who's kind of a mix between SF4 Akuma and Cammy in that like Akuma the oki options are all very discrete and distinct, but there's a ton of them, and like Cammy in that there's one option that has all the payoffs in one package. No choosing between damage and knockdowns or positioning. It's all just there, built in. It's what makes Iori explosive and gives him that scary "OCVs teams" feel, and why he's the best point in the game. The meterless game is just absurd.

One simple tip that might help you be more calm on defense is to just always block low by default. You can see most hops and overheads coming and block them on reaction.

Also, try to be more active with your movement. This isn't a game where you try to maintain a specific spacing for a long time, KOF13 is a game of high mobility and situations that last an instant and then the players are elsewhere already. You should also try to maintain control of your own airspace more with short hops, so people can't just hop in on your face when you do the opening trigger 100% of the time (which you shouldn't)

lol, did Tokido beat Reynald in the tournament?

He did, denied the reset too.

Tokido looked so lost with Duo Lon. How do you schedule a big match with Reynald and not train vs. Duo Lon I don't understand though. I mean, lack of high level practice in Japan may be a thing, but he should've checked at least basic stuff about it. Not doing the homework is like going to Korea and then watching Madkof and Verna use you as a floor mop.

Everyone probably knows already but:

Reynald vs. Tokido FT10 @ Northwest Majors



Friday 6:30pm PST
Friday 9:30pm EST
Friday 8:30pm Mexico City
Saturday 2:30am London
Saturday 4:30am Finland
Saturday 10:30am Seoul

How much do you think there's left to explore in the game? For example, in SF4 Oni and Chun have recently risen a lot in prominence.
Do you think there is a lot of unexplored potential left in the "low tiers"?
Why does Japan seem to be unusually Iori-Karate-Kim heavy?

Elisabeth Branctorche / Re: Elisabeth Branctorche (Console)
« on: April 10, 2014, 11:35:46 PM »
Why is he helping people against Karate ;_;
What has Karate done to him ;_;
The videos should be about mutual murder instead of one-sided slaughter :/

Holy shit Tokido. That is all. o_o

General Discussion / Re: The King of Fighters XIII Video Thread
« on: March 15, 2014, 03:47:44 PM »
Anyone know about this little trick?

I've been doing rdp option selects for a while, but it never occurred to me that I can do it with the dp shortcut to get around qcb moves for certain characters.

That OS can actually be refined a bit more. Using  ;bk ;db ;dn ;df ;fd ;bk + ;a ;c will get a command grab for some characters. But the DP "longcut" isn't actually a thing. It works, but it's not a specific shortcut.
The game accepts (P1 side)  ;fd ;dn ;df and  ;fd ;dn ;fd as valid DP's - the half circle just accidentally fulfills the latter condition for non-command grab characters, but we don't really need the  ;bk ( ;df ;db are unnecessary in Climax anyway).

So, if we're on P1 side and want to OS the crossup:
 ;bk ;db ;dn ;df ;bk;a ;c should to my understanding block high and EX DP the crossup while avoiding front-facing QCB inputs and turn-then-command grab situations.

General Discussion / Re: Tier lists and Character Discussion Thread
« on: March 05, 2014, 07:29:54 PM »
I don't completely agree with your statement. When you rate a character you have to take into consideration every aspect of the game and the characters into consideration. Duo Lon is a great point character but he has multiple weaknesses and isn't very versatile in team positioning so he should be ranked lower than Mr.Karate who is also an amazing point character with very strong tools, less weaknesses, and is good in any team position.

The top tiers being dominant in this game is a combination of their good tool sets, few weaknesses, high damage for little resources, and versatility in team order. They generally have favourable match ups against the majority of the cast and require less time to learn and be effective with than other characters in the game.

This being said, I strongly believe that KoF's 3v3 system and overall game mechanics help mitigate tier disparities to a certain extent. Top tier characters will always be commonly played at high level in any game but KoF is one of the rare games where you can see low tier characters do well in tournaments.

Toshi winning that Peruvian tournament and going even against Bala with EX Iori/Athena/Kensou and TC| Pako getting 3rd at SCR with Duo Lon/Elisabeth/Mai are some of the best examples of this.

Of course the universal quality should be accounted for. Even if Karate and Duo Lon both scored, say, 95/100 on "point character goodness", Karate should still be rated higher because of his extra flexibility to stretch into other roles. That's 100% as it should be.

Agreed 100% on the rest of the post.

The thing I'm trying to say here is, though, that we have characters like Duo Lon who's absolutely splendid on point, and atrocious as an anchor. How the hell do you put characters like that on a single tier list? Rate point performance only? Or rate anchor performance, or some odd amalgam of the two? Even more importantly, how can you begin to compare him to someone like Claw or Vice whose reason for existence is to be an anchor and turn meter into a dead character off a touch? When they're built to do different things and usually are not even competing with each other for a slot on the team directly? Like, "Is Duo Lon or Vice better" is a non-question to me. It's just invalid. Which is better as a point, battery or anchor is a question where an answer can be found. And to each of those, we can say that Karate is probably a bit better, and have that answer be a valid one.

General Discussion / Re: Tier lists and Character Discussion Thread
« on: March 04, 2014, 06:24:04 PM »
I think it's pretty meh to rate characters in a single list in this game. How do you compare the greatness of Duo Lon, who's a superb point, to someone like Claw or Vice who loves to anchor it up? I don't think you do. Spot-specific tier lists seem much more suitable for this game IMO.

Why the top tier is dominating representation in tournaments is because they're universal - one character can dance with Duo Lon on point, and, placed third, with Claw as an anchor. Having more of them on the team also gives nice perks by enabling the player to game matchups more by shuffling team order around, and some extra benefits if you have to reverse OCV (where a solid low-meter point-style neutral is beneficial for an anchor) or happen to get a hot streak with a point (where you can be more opportunistic with meter use effectively, and your other characters will suffer less for it), though the latter is a bit less relevant because you're winning anyway.
It's the same how you see not top tiers like K' in just about every slot - he just works well enough anywhere, just not top tier well.

Basically, build a team, want a point - Duo Lon fits. Another wants an anchor, so he goes Claw. Or both just like Karate more and play him.


For sure. But for the most part, it's one character. 2 HD combos in one match is a pretty hard thing to score. For the other, it's more or less just normal neutral game, which is the thing I'm trying to get at. The combos dominate one round, not the whole match.

Hmm, I kinda have a feeling you haven't had much high level experience or have played very many good players from your replies and responses. No offense man.

Excellent observation: I'm indeed a beginner at KOF. That doesn't mean I lack eyes and a brain, or experience in how games and their systems tend to work from elsewhere. You're better than me at this game, by far. But would you still mind dignifying me with an actual response? Because "you're new, so I'm right" is precisely offensive. I've been corrected by better players in many areas, in discussions on many games, and you know what? It's been great. Great because those better players have told me at length why they feel I'm wrong. The argument has never been that they're right because they just know better. The argument has been they're right because [a coherent argument].
Turns out that they're right a lot of the time.

If I was summing up a guess to why the KOF XIII hate it would be the push of combos in a fighting game system that never pushed it as much before. If you look at '98, KOF is mostly footsies based.

I agree with this. I love playing KOFXIII but one of my main grips is that it is extremely combo focused and dominate. All you need to do in KOFXIII is just hit confirm well then not drop the HD combo. In '98/'02 it's a more spacial game, you can win just off poking, good zoning, good pressure, good mind games and bnb' can do a little bit of that in KOFXIII but it can all go to waste if you screw up and get hit once against someone that has a decent amount of meters. >_<

The "you just have to hit confirm well and not drop the HD combo" is an exaggeration and you know it. HD combos aren't a factor for the first character, and usually for either the second or the third one. The lesser emphasis on single hits still stands, though, but especially in the early rounds shorter combos can do just fine, and even later on something like button, button, EX super can do 400-500 easy, two bars no drive. If your neutral game is really superior, you can easily kill the opponent with easymode stuff.

I was referring mainly to the 2nd or 3rd person of a team. The first character just builds meter and momentum. If they stick around, they can surely blow the meter to finish the match. When a character in a 2nd or 3rd position has full drive and full meters, all they need to do is land one hit into a high damaging HD combo of their choice...that's the preferred option.

For sure. But for the most part, it's one character. 2 HD combos in one match is a pretty hard thing to score. For the other, it's more or less just normal neutral game, which is the thing I'm trying to get at. The combos dominate one round, not the whole match.

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