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Shun'Ei / Shun'ei Cross-up set-ups
« on: July 11, 2018, 10:05:42 AM »
All set-ups use J.D

Cr.B/A > Short Hop J.D - Works on crouching opponents only, hits shorter standing characters like Mui Mui and Chin.

Cr.B/A X 3 > Hyper Hop J.D > Works on crouching opponents only, hits shorter standing characters like Mui Mui and Chin.

Cr.B/A X 2 > Regular Hop J.D > Works on standing opponents, can work on shorter characters, whiffs on crouching.

Feel free to add on to the list.

Oswald / Team Position
« on: May 17, 2018, 11:36:54 PM »
Best Spot: Mid
He gets access to reversals, is able to dish out more consistent and damage than on point, has great confirms from  ;dn ;c and  ;dn ;d in mid range. His frametraps from farther away with ;st ;c or ;d also get more reward with meter on deck. Can also spare an extra bar for more card set-ups.

Ok Spot: Point

Not bad, just not as rewarding as Mid. He doesn't build the most amount of meter and gets less reward with faraway standing buttons. More reliant on crouching heavies in pressure to get damage as well as  ;st  ;a & ;b for AAs without meter for Royal Flush super. Still a decent position.

Worst Spot: Anchor

Don't. Way better anchors to put than him. Oswald does enough damage to be put 2nd and 5 bars with more maxmode time is either underwhelming or overkill. He also doesn't utilize it much outside of EX Card set-ups, which only then require at most 3 bars for potential damage.

Oswald / Matchups
« on: May 09, 2018, 07:17:21 AM »
Let's talk Matchups:

Japan Team:

Even to slight in favor of either character. Oswald can keep Kyo out with well placed buttons and pokes, as well as punish Kyo's St.D on whiff with sweep fairly consistently. His Aragami is also punishable by sweep for big damage.

J.D is a good all around A2A against Kyo.

R.E.D. Kick is punishable for huge damage by Cl. D.

Queen ( ;fd ;dn ;df ;e ) is not great for zoning against Kyo unless he's not paying attention to what Oswald is doing.

Defense is rough, but if you have meter, a lot of things are punishable by super.

Kyo's  ;df ;d is only punishable by  ;dn ;df ;fd ;df ;dn ;db ;bk ;a or climax

Beni J.D dominates on the ground and in the air, Oswald can't punish  ;dn ;df ;fd ;k at all, Sweep is hard to punish on whiff. Good thing is that Beni has to deal with a lot of crap Oswald throws at him on offense, else this match-up would be annoying. Counter also helps against St.D and other situations, as well as  ;dn  ;df  ;fd  ;a/ ;c against SURASHU!


St. C, D, and CD are good in keeping him out. Cards are not good outside of oki because ground pound in neutral stuffs its slow start-up. Also ground pound beats St. CD for some odd reason even St. CD has low invul properties. Better to use Oswald's sweep to punish. QCB+K works against ground pound well too. Oswald can also set nasty IOHs into EX cards for gross confirms.

Yagami Team:

J.D is good against A2aing Iori

Rekkas punishable with Cr.A

St.D on whiff punishable by Sweep.

Fireball strings HAVE to be punished by  EX Twirl super, Regular Card Slash Super completely whiffs.

2nd rekka punishable by Climax only

Counter works great against DP Pressure, can get a punish with Cr.A after, though it is tight.
QCF+K destroys her projectile offense from afar, making it somewhat pointless to use against him.

Sleeve sucks due to his counter and if she uses it wrong or unsparingly, He can punish her for it. Forces her to play more aggressive with buttons, which he can contest fairly well. Not saying it's the worst MU for Vice, but it's definitely not in her favor in terms of neutral. His J.D covers a big angle against her, and reversal command grabbing him with EX Super is a bad idea due to his rekka cancels with one move being airborne. Her command grab offensive does shut down counter though. Also he"s really good at just throwing buttons out at her and it's hard to deal with. AAing her with St.A and B are consistent too.

« on: November 27, 2017, 12:11:24 AM »
Wus good guys!? Come on in and join THE SNK Discord to talk about and matchmake all the fighters, shooters, puzzlers, sports games released by SNK and the NEO-GEO!

General Discussion / Personal Top 15
« on: April 18, 2017, 12:42:42 AM »
Iori, Kyo, Beni, Yamazaki, Rock, Vice, Mature, Nakoruru, Luong, Kukri, Shunei, Robert, Mai, Andy, Verse. In no order

Iori- Mixups, stong far ranged neutral that can lead to big damage, and a very good pressure game as well as a strong defensive toolset.
Kyo - Same as Iori, but with more variance in pressure and resets that keep opponents on their toes.
Beni - Great neutral tools and very strong close range game, as well as good pokes.
Yamazaki - Strong Mid Range Pressure and deadly close up game
Rock - Very strong mixups and dirty close range game, as well as some decent counterpokes that can lead into big damage and great pressure options
Vice - Strong normals, the possibility to convert almost any stray AA hit into big damage is insane
Mature - Very good neutral tools, frametraps some of the best in the business, and can do great damage
Nakoruru - Very manipulative and strong neutral with Bird cling and Anna Mutsube, does a lot of damage off her basic confirms
Luong - Crazy Far Range Game, Strong mid range game, very mobile, and deadly mixups that are safe and can lead to big damage
Kukri - AA clone trades make for some really nasty setups, overall tricky maneuverability and sand clone setups that are hard to get out of.
Shunei - Airdash helps him get around some grounded fireballs, gets ludicrous rewards off stray hits that can also be safe, and EX moves are great for neutral and juggles that can lead into Massive Damage(edited)
Robert- Strong Fireball game, great normals, safe special that allows for annoyance, and good pressure with very strong defensive options.(edited)
Mai - Undoubtedly the queen of some of the greatest pokes in the game, great crossup J.B, very good zoning, and decent damage that leads to strong setups
Andy - Still very capabale to zone out, has very good counterpokes long range tools that lead to big damage, and good  mixups with EX Fireball
Verse - Command Grab is still a threat in neutral and leads to big damage, Teleport mixups are tricky to block/deal with safe, still has very safe and long range meterless confirms, great long range buttons, and overall has very high reset potential with his movelist

If you are near Sacramento, California in the middle of April, come and check out NorCal Regionals (NCR)!

XIV is a main game there and there is also going to be a XIII side tourney hosted by N4US, a buddy of mine. Early Bird Registrations ends the day of this post, so try to hop on it now! To sign up, go to:

Try to make it out, get in the grind, and most of all get out and have fun. Make it YOUR tourney by making the best of it.

General Discussion / Post on Guard Crush Frame Advantage
« on: February 19, 2017, 07:16:33 AM »
When Guard Crushing an opponent, there is a certain period of time where if they are hit, they are put into a big amount of hitstun.

Now you maybe asking, "Why does this happen?"

Well here is my theory. When you see a character get guard crushed, do you ever notice that there's a small little shaking in the character getting crushed when their hands are up in the air? You don't really pay attention to it, you just hit them and be on your way to comboing them. But what I found and this is my theory is that if you hit them before that little shaking animation, they will replicate the length of that whole animation in a hitstun state if they are hit before the shaking animation comes out. This leads to combos and links that shouldn't really happen but do anyway. Here are a few video examples of what Wauhti and I gathered when rediscovering this tech.

As you can see the possibilities for punishment could expand more depending on the character, so try and experiment with your main and see what can work. It's an interesting "Bug," If I could describe it.

Terry Bogard / Terry Bogard Matchup Thread
« on: September 06, 2016, 05:38:35 AM »
Discuss Matchups against certain characters or even whole teams!

Character Discussion / General CD Option Select
« on: August 09, 2016, 04:05:51 AM »
I was testing it out. After a safejump, you can B+CD during the hitstun of your normals and catch Backrolls in the corner with a meaty CD, and yet still be able to block an invul reversal if they try to reversal out of your safejump. The thing this loses to is slow reversal like Shun'ei's C DP and front roll. So yeah, kinda useless!

Iori Yagami / Iori Tech Thread
« on: August 08, 2016, 08:59:22 PM »
Post any and all tech related to Resets, Option Selects, Input Buffer Shortcuts, and more.

General Discussion / KOF XIV: My General First Impressions and Thought
« on: December 10, 2015, 11:52:48 PM »
Hello everyone! It's been awhile, and today I wanted to share my thoughts and impressions on KOF XIV at Playstation Experience.

I was one of the lucky few people to go and play KOFXIV at the Playstation Experience. Shoutouts to Sony and SNK Playmore for allowing the first ever location test to be held in the wonderful City of San Francisco. It was a great decision to make, lots of people came out to play it, and the game was generally well accepted by many people, even a few Capcom executives. In general, it left a really good impression on the people who came out and played it.

I have to agree with my friend Laban, the trailers don't simply do the game justice. You really had to come out and play the game in person to see what was truly special about the game! To me, the game felt like KOF; fast, offensive, dynamic, and very fluid! The game's pace and gameplay felt like a mix of XIII easy Light Chain confirms, 98 normals, 02 cancel mechanics. It doesn't mess around much with meter gain and new mechanics besides Max Mode and Ex Moves. As soon as you get into the action, all the combos and confirms you know how to do will come naturally the first few minutes of playing some matches. I was hitting Iori Rekka from lows and Kyo J.Dwn C into Kusogani chains in no time. People might be thrown off by the 3d models at first, but you get used to it.

Offensive pressure and active defense was also really good and responsive too. My frame traps felt tight like in any other KOF game, and interrupting people's tick throw setups with Cr. A and anti-airing hops with St.A felt responsive and quick. Don't let people toss you like old salad. Overall, the feel of the game was KOF, and that feeling was truly amazing. I really do appreciate SNK for taking the flow of the game into this great direction.

As far as characters go, everyone should feel right at home once you have a feel for the game. Doing Iori's taco cross-up was a bit weird for me at first, but then I got used to it and could do that with ease. Some of the new moves they added for the characters were actually really good and useful in my opinion.

 Kyo's new QCFX2+P is the same as 02UM's, and was the same as I know it. Unsafe on block, unblockable fully charged, soft knockdown, fast enough to connect to lights. Kyo also got a new low rekka chain similar to heavy D's 1-2 Mixup, however I don't remember if any of the follows up or even canceling into that followup was particularly safe. Other than that, he played like Kyo, with better range on his J.D and great pressure strings.

Iori's new super is basically a mini Dark Angel that goes right infront of him and is stationary. You can charge it up for possibly extra damage, but no extra hitstun. When you EX it, it gives up to 8 hits with the same properties. You can't get anything crazy like Taco Crossups, but it will still be something to help him put on the pressure and apply fast high lows. His old DP+K from 98 is back, and the D version is the only one that cancel into rekkas. However, it is actually + on block on its own, so if somebody blocks it, you have an advantage. One of the versions/both versions is also an overhead, so it's really good! I haven't tested the EX version though.

Kula's new super where she charges at you full of ice could actually be used really well for Anti-air! Here's a video showcasing the new super.

So yeah, a lot of new or familiar things that work well for each character.

Another new mechanic was the addition of CD wall splat, where if your St.CD hits, you get a free splat to the wall ala Guilty Gear which you can combo off of. Now this new feature seems really mixed to me; I can imagine some characters with far reaching specials, like Terry and his C burn Knuckle, to convert off of it, but as far as other characters, I'm not too sure if they would benefit off of it. I do believe that maybe the idea behind it is too CD, Max Cancel, then go up and followup into whatever. It seems like a good addition for beginners and it actually makes St. CD's a worthwhile poke worth using now instead of reacting to counter hits.

Now let me get into Max Mode. Max Mode is similar to HD or Max Mode activation in where you go into Max Mode after you cancel a normal and confirm into whatever after that. Max Mode also causes a YRC like pause if you do it raw, so you can see someone hop, Max Mode, than DP them. Max Mode right now to me seems pretty weird, and the only reason you would ever go into Max Mode is if you wanted to do EX moves, extend for further damage or go for reaction shenanigans. They might change it, which I think they should, but I don't want them to have put drive cancels in the game, I theorize that there would be an exploit in the system like in XIII if they let that fly.

Rush combos were pretty useless to me as far as I saw, so I'm not gonna bother writing about that. It's just an autocombo that does low damage, so really there is no point in doing it. Super Cancel only took 1 stock, so canceling into them won't be as resource intensive as in 02UM with 2 stocks or XIII with a stock and a drive gauge. I think that's good, less worrying about meter, and more about dat hit confirming.

Just Defend seems pretty much useless at the moment. No health regain or Guard Gauge draining less, so it seems like a work in progress at the moment. However, I think that will make a good addition to the game.

All in all, I'm really impressed with XIV. The game runs smooth, the new system mechanics are interesting and fresh, and it was just a blast to play a new KOF that stays true to its root with some new mechanics for us to play with! I'm definitely picking this game up day 1 and can't wait for more information about it in the future.

But for now, as always people, keep playing KOF and show your support. The Future... is Now.

Upcoming Tournaments & Events / NORCAL KOF XIII CaliBurst Tourney - 9/5/2015
« on: September 02, 2015, 10:30:42 PM »
KOF XIII Tourney in NorCal

Game Center MKII
1607 Old County Road
San Carlos, CA

4:00 PM

1 360 Setup, any adapters are fine
*Possible PC setup

Prize Pot: $20 + Pot Entry Fee

Pot Entry Fee: $3

Twitch/Stream: N/A

No harassing other players for entry fee money
No collusion
No character switch unless you lose first match
Best 2/3
The Dark Ash and Saiki stages are banned
In a result of DQ, you'll get your entry fee reimbursed

People who don't enter can put still put in pot money if they want to

Players can request bracket through me if they don't have means of accessing it.


Classic King of Fighters / New KOF or a revamp?
« on: July 28, 2015, 11:48:53 PM »
Now all of us are probably wondering when or where the next KOF is going to come out, but for me personally, I want to something else. I think KOF needs to take a breather and SNK should just give something to keep us satisfied. I;m not seeing I mind a new KOF, but I'd definitely like to see another Garou Entry. There are a lot of characters I want to go back and play again that I new for sure won't be put into KOF anytime soon.

I want Franco Bash, Alfred, and Rick Strowd back; I just want a simple meter system with 3 bars and T.O.P.; and I really want us to be supportive of this new theoretical MOTW. And if we make our voices heard about this game and how much we want to support, SNK wouldn't have the choice of not listening to us for support.

What do you guys think?

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