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Uhmmm...I was thinking SNK's plan was to reveal each character in the beginning of a month and launching him/her a month later, but maybe revealing them all in March and launching them all at once on April 5th makes more sense.

As for who they are, I think there are enough legs in the group to be almost sure 4 characters will be added, and one of these legs makes me think about Vanessa's standing winpose with her hands behind her head. I think the other 2 characters are Mary and Yamazaki.

I wasn't hoping for Whip because I thought the KOF14 team wasn't skilled enough to translate Whip's weapon to 3D graphics at the moment, but they've apparently studied 3D modeling enough -I often see them talking about or retweeting 3D modeling stuff on Twitter- to feel confident to make Whip right away.

Kyo Kusanagi / Re: Kyo Kusanagi
« on: January 31, 2017, 07:31:27 PM »
It's a matter of timing: you must do the two qcf+A fast and then delay the Orochinagi input slightly, otherwise you'll cancel the second qcf+A into Yanosabi. It's tricky, I'm not consistent at it right now.

That's great!! I would never hope SNK could push their newest game this way after their post-XIII years were so troubled.

Site Suggestions and Troubleshooting / Re: Password glitch
« on: January 20, 2017, 06:53:43 PM »
I know this thread is 2 years old, but I'd like to bring this issue to the attention of the staff once more. If I log in from the forum home, I get the "wrong password" glitch and I have to try again; if I log in from a thread, I don't have any issues. Could you please investigate this?

Sony is reviewing the bugfix for all the bugs found in the 1.10 update.

I don't wanna deny that all the mess caused by the latest update is a big hassle and updates may use some more thorough testing before they get submitted to Sony, but hats off to SNK for their commitment to fixing each issue as soon as possible.

At long last :D It's such a basic feature, and lots of players will be happy about it. I hope this means XIV roulette madness from players like Xiao Hai and MadKOF :D

Random KOF14 demo 2 impressions, copy/pasted from a post I've just written at MMCafe:

-the only things I don't like are that Kyo's face looks like he was Ukyo's present time reincarnation -that is, he has TBC- and Shun'ei's demonic hands aren't translucent anymore. Why I had never ranted about Kyo's face is a mystery to myself since we saw 1.10 screens of him countless times

-everything else went for the better. Character models have a nice Irem/KOF94 feel to them (to the extent 3D stuff can), and some specials/supers were made slightly flashier -Terry's HP Burn Knuckle leaves some energy sparks in its starting point and Kyo engulfs himself in flames while charging his EX Orochinagi, which is easily my favorite improvement.

-I didn't make a back to back comparison but I'm pretty sure the training stage got its color changed from that weird yellowish hue to a silver-like grey which I like a lot better. No changes in the other stages. 

Mature / Re: Mature Video Thread
« on: December 18, 2016, 06:24:46 PM »
"Splitting" the EX Ebony Tears in the first combo was a signal that the video would be fun to watch, and so it is. Good job guys ^^ Love this jugglefest.

Training Room / Training partner requests part 2 - KOF14 edition
« on: December 13, 2016, 06:11:29 PM »
(Posting a new thread because I read in the rules that bumping is forbidden. If a mod thinks it's better to merge my two topics, I'm fine with it)

So, my situation is the same as my previous topic: living in Italy, stuck with a shitty 25ms ADSL with currently no perspective of being able to switch to a VDSL2 connection -which is the greatest kind of service available in most Italian cities right now and typically grants you 5ms measured from you to sites close to you in my country-, little to no fighting game experience against human players -I win casual SFV matches on a 1:2 ratio, but it's just because that game's matchmaking system is a miracle, no true skill on my part-, in need to meet fellow European KOF fans who don't mind wasting their time by playing against a vastly inferior player. The only change is that KOFXIV is out, so I'm not limited to the abysmal PS3 XIII netplay anymore.

I'm not asking for a tutorship, scheduled sessions or anything like that, I just would like to exchange PSN IDs with players who don't get bored when they play with weak players, so that we can set up a 2 people room and have a set if we both happen to be online playing XIV at a given time.

After checking that ranked mode is a no-no because it connects me with Japanese players even when I set my search on lv.4 only -Europe on ADSL vs. Japan = underwater match-, I tried having some training in form of level 5 matches against the CPU -but the only thing a lv5 AI manages to do is urging me to play ultra-cheap and ultra-campy-, then I gave up joining random European rooms and playing with total strangers, which I'm doing everyday since last Friday.

So, it's not like I'm sitting in a corner and whining without making any effort, because I love KOF and I wanna learn it, but getting severely defeated by a total stranger is just disheartening to me, and makes me feel I haven't learnt anything, whereas getting severely defeated by someone who knows and understands that I'm a total noob needing to learn how to compete wouldn't bother me at all, and I'm sure it will help me learning the game.

Gang-Il / Re: Gang-Il
« on: December 09, 2016, 06:36:35 PM »
Guys I love your videos because you're always on the lookout for spectacular, fun to watch stuff, and for your music choices. Dong Hwan's theme fits Gang-Il like a glove!! And Gang-Il is one of my favorite newcomers -too bad I don't feel so comfortable with him as I do with Kim because of his height-, so I'm really happy you uploaded a CMV about him. Last but not least, I saw some interesting combo tech I'll be happy to try out the next time I play KOF14.

General Discussion / Re: KOF Interest Survey (XIV)
« on: December 07, 2016, 02:30:58 PM »
You're welcome, thank you for answering. I was a bit afraid the region setting could bee seen as nitpicking on my part, so I'm glad you find it a good idea. Looking forward to the final results and what SNK will make with them ^^

General Discussion / Re: KOF Interest Survey (XIV)
« on: December 04, 2016, 10:28:09 PM »
Hi Reiki, thank you again for the survey and for reopening it, I answered it a couple days ago.

I forgot something when answering the "feature addition" question -I proposed an online match request system like SFV- and I'd like to know if you could add it to my answer -I identified myself as Micky Kusanagi from Taranto (Italy) in the "raffle question" in the survey, just like I usually do anywhere else online.

Besides a SFV-like online request system, I think the game needs an option in the online profile to manually set your region independently from your PSN account.

If you have the time to read why I think such a feature is needed, here you are my personal example: my main PSN is Japanese, but I wanna be reported as Italian by the game, not only because I'm afraid the online matchmaking system gets hindered from assuming your region is the same as the PSN store your account is associated with -the only ranked match I've ever had was with a Japanese player (and ran at half the game's real speed, of course) though I had set connection quality to lv.4 only and I'm on a 25ms ADSL connection...I hope i can change my connection soon-, but also because some people create rooms titled "players from XYZ country/continent please", and having to exchange messages with the host of such rooms in order to explain "I live here but I use a foreign PSN account and blablabla" can be tedious for the room host, who obviously has more urgent matters to look after.

Sorry to bother you and congratulations for getting SNK's support, you and Fata_Con really deserve it ^^

The more 1.10 teasers get posted, the more I get impressed by how different -for the better- KOFXIV looks like.

Third teaser screen is out already. And I honestly find it more impressive than the Kyo and Sylvie ones.

Oh, so there's more to SNK's presence at PSX than I had guessed. While the additional visual effects won't save KOFXIV from being deemed as "ugly as shit" by the masses, I'm honestly happy SNK cares for their latest creation to the point they're tweaking its graphics months after its release. I'd love if character models looked the same as in pre-fight dialogues in actual matches, but I guess the team isn't experienced enough to achieve it and keep the game running at 60fps -characters looking better during dialogues may be just a wrong impression on my side, but there has to be some difference since dialogues move at 30fps.

Besides, I bet version 1.10 will bring more tweaks to the game engine and specific characters. Between the last stage of their rebranding and the perspective of more changes to KOFXIV, I couldn't be any happier than this as a SNK fan.

Patch notes:

I guess nobody cares KOF XIV is getting an arcade port  :(

I care, it's just that I wasn't active here at DC at the time. Even though it would be a miracle if my country -Italy- saw a single KOFXIV cabinet installed xD An arcade version of this game means to me that SNK cares about it enough to do all they can to cater to the potential Japanese player base for this title.

I just hope SNK adds a manual region setting for your player profile in their next patch, because I only play on my Japanese account and I don't wanna hijack my KOFXIV online activity to my Italian account just to get my region displayed correctly -sometimes I search lobbies and I see room titles like "people from X country/continent only", which is absolutely understandable for the sake of an enjoyable room. SNK is no stranger to adding or modifying options in this game, so it looks like a reasonable change to me...unless I'm the only KOFXIV player in the world playing with a foreign PSN account xD

SNK at PSX? Guess it's to promote the KOFXIV World Championship and to announce a solid release date for the PS4 Garou port.

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