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General Discussion / Re: Your team(s) for XIV
« on: September 19, 2016, 02:23:41 PM »
For now, since I'm still getting used to the game, such as mastering hops. Billy Kane, Kyo and Terry. I want to master these 3 before I start moving on to other characters that I really want to try because I never played KoF at a competent level. Hell, I did want to main Chang, but he just downright sucks, I had to replace him with Billy Kane.

But yeah, Billy Kane seems like one of the best characters to learn the game with, with him u can easily focus on the overall flow of the game such as staying mobile(I had to learn the hard way)and the new mechanics benefits him alot with his st.C, Basically a strong whiff punish tool and u can practice on mastering 1-hit confirms. I have trouble with doing short hops and hyper short hops during fights so his jumping C kinda helps back me up from mistakes.

I generally choose characters who I'm most fond of from seeing in the past is one of the reasons why I wanted to use Chang.

In the future, I do plan on using xanadu and geese in the same team with xanadu on point as a battery character, because it looks like xanadu can build insane meter for geese with his safe specials and he has a command grab, also his cr.D looks like a good anti air.

God I wished I've played KoF at a competent level in the past because I basically have no matchup experience and what each character excells at doing, needing matchup experience against 48 characters? It's gonna be A WHILE.

Iori Yagami / Re: Iori Yagami
« on: September 19, 2016, 10:54:58 AM »
Is the startup on his climax desperation move 3 frames?

I don't think so. Should be around the same start up as XIII Claw Iori.

Also, I feel like St.C becomes obsolete because of St.D Maxmode with Iori. It's definitely really powerful with him.
And DP L cancel into rekkas, What?

Oh I see, do u know the startup on his dp's? It seems some safe jumps I found against his dp's work but as soon as he does his climax desperation move, I get hit! This is what made me think the startup must be super fast.

Iori Yagami / Re: Iori Yagami
« on: September 19, 2016, 06:47:41 AM »
Is the startup on his climax desperation move 3 frames?

Terry Bogard / Re: Terry Bogard Matchup Thread
« on: September 17, 2016, 03:15:58 AM »
Against Nako

I think it may be best to stay outside of her light knife sweep range and look to whiff punish it for a full max mode punish. When she starts to use the hard version, this is when it becomes punishable on block. I think alot of Nako's try to get easy damage with hit-confirming into super, so its probably important to shut her knife sweeps out.

Also it may be possible to react to her bird and punish her with a lv2 buster wolf. Nako crosses her arms then points in the air whenever she calls her bird, so it may be possible to react to it with enough practice. To make things easier, u can definitely react to it if you buffer it as well. It may not be the best thing to do all the time, but if u can do it, i think it'll make nako's think twice about using the bird without any consequences when your terry has meter. But u can always roll in as soon as u see her cross her arms, it will get you in there to start an offense i believe, but it wont let u punish her.

If your not confident enough to do a air to air to knock Nako out when she clings on the bird, just dance in and outside of her dive range and whiff punish it.

If u know your spacing and is on point with whiff punishing, Im not really sure what Nako can actually do if u have the life lead with meter, u can lame her out or just rush her. I mean probably the best thing she can do on paper, is walk you into the corner for trying to stay at the right distances where she can just rush u down with bird hop shenanigans and low knife slides. Other than that, i think the Nako user will have to take risk's and play really smart to make Nako effective once your used to the matchup.

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