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Fatal Fury / Fatal Fury series hitbox script
« on: August 27, 2011, 08:00:18 AM »

Dammit has just released a script that works for mame rr. Now granted, you can't run this on FBA/GGPO or anything but its still a useful tool that can be used by players for any Fatal Fury game. This goes for RB2 and Garou players especially, and heck...even Fatal Fury Special players! Considering what this is, I figured this deserved its own thread in the entire FF section. I'd like to see feedback on this and hear everyone's thoughts and provide any input on it if they've done any testing with it or not. I'm not quite sure myself how to set it up and get started using it... :(

Results / Dreamcancel Garou GGPO/Supercade/Arclive FT10 Results
« on: August 24, 2011, 01:24:32 PM »
08/21/11 - Session 1

steamwolf vs Giby

Giby wins 7-0

I missed these as well! If everyone could please reply or PM me the results, I'd appreciate it!

Real Bout 2 / RB2 Wiki Information and Template
« on: August 13, 2011, 10:00:00 AM »
Okay guys! So here's the situation. The RB2 wiki is SERIOUSLY lacking in growth and updates. I mostly blame myself, for trying to do everything BY myself mostly and just focusing on these forums. HOWEVER, that's not been very good for progress. SO! I'm hoping some of you would like to volunteer to help out. Every little bit counts! Now obviously, we want things to all kind of look similar. It'd be weird if we had five different character threads that all looked different!

As such, I've modified the KoF XIII Wiki template in order to fit for RB2. The & symbol will be used next to sections only to show the absolutely REQUIRED section for the template. Everything else is optional (but I hope you do so anyway!) Thus far I've got about two others or so helping me with this, but we need this done soon! With 3rd Strike leaving GGPO this month, and RB2 and RBS being included savestates with the new GGPO, I predict RB2 will be making its official appearance on GGPO which should draw in more people. As such, the more info DC has up the better it will be for returning/new players to this game.

Any questions about editing/creating pages on the wiki, any DC staff members should be able to help with. You can PM any of us at any time, or post your questions here. Don't worry, its not as hard as it may seem! A small amount of trial and error (make sure you always use the preview page option) will help you figure it out with relative ease. Good luck to anyone who decides to help out!

Edit: Oh yes and if you wish to start doing wiki editing, drop nilcam a PM and let him know and he'll get you set up with a login and password.


*character image goes here*, yes a character image will go here just to show what page are they on

Upload file, browse image whether it's in the folder/desktop/etc, then go back to the character page, "Edit" then put the tags [[Image:*image name*.png/jpeg/whatever]]

==Gameplay Overview==
This section is used to describe what the character can do and specifically what they're good at, are they proficient with throws/grappling? can they fight well in the corner? can they zone well? do they have unique move set-ups? are they a speedy character or are they slow? etc. Also explain the moves and what/where they excel at, this section is supposed to get people interested about said character and possibly have them in their team.

===Gameplay Notes===

- Info about what the character excels goes here, 4-6 descriptions is usually good enough

- info about what the character succumbs to, once again just a couple descriptions is good

This is the section for normals whether it's jump/stand/crouch

===Blowback Attack===

*image(s) goes here*

'''normal goes here, it's suggested that you abbreviate it but it's not required e.g. st.A:''', input goes here, description goes here, can it be used as an anti-air? does it chain with other moves? is it cancel-able? does it lack range? does it have a slow/fast start-up? note all of it here, this template goes all the normal sections (stand/crouch/jump)

- Cancellable: info goes here, if it isn't cancel-able (Including kara/feint cancels) just erase this part

- Hit Detection: high/mid/low etc

- Damage: Yup that goes here too

*Image goes here*

'''*Move Name here* (*input here*)''' - **description here**

- Can be broken, regular throws can be broken so this will always go here, Air throws also go in this section, they also cannot be broken so be sure to note that

- Hit Detection: Close, throws are always close range

- Damage:

&==Command Moves==
*picture goes here*

'''*Move Name here* (*input here*)''' - **description here**

- Since it's a command normal be sure to describe what the character does when they use it, do they use their arm or leg? is it fast? is it slow? is it kara cancel-able or is it feint cancel-able? does it hit high/Mid/Low? how many hits does it do? which hit is cancel-able? do it combo well from lights (A/B) or strong attacks (C)? does it do a lot of hit-stun? does it have really bad recovery? is it safe or not, once again be descriptive

- *Cancellable specific information goes here*

- Hit Detection:

- Damage:

&==Special Moves==
*picture goes here*

'''*Move Name here* (*input here*)''' - **description here**

- If there is a difference between the weak & strong version be sure to describe it, once again be as descriptive as possible

- *Cancellable specific information goes here*

- Hit Detection:

- Damage:

*picture goes here*

'''*Move Name here* (*input here*)''' - **description here**

- *Cancellable specific information goes here*

- Hit Detection:

- Damage:

If there is another variation of the move simply put the information below the regular version of the move, e.g. Joe's P-Power (D Version)

'''*Move Name here* (*input here*)''' - **description here**

- *Cancellable specific information goes here*

- Hit Detection:

- Damage:

*picture goes here*

'''*Move Name here* (*input here*)''' - **description here**

- Hit Detection:

- Damage:


(FC) - Feint Cancel

(KC) - Kara Cancel

DMG - Damage

Some templates you may end up using

'''No Meter'''


'''S-Power/Yellow Life'''

'''S-Power/Red Life'''


'''FC Combos'''

- Info about tricks and stuff go here, e.g. To do Geese's f+B kara cancel into pursuit etc.

- Character sprite will go here, along with colors


&==Frame Specifics==
*Frame data will go here*

- other pictures and junk will go here

==Links & References==
- You can link Tournament videos here if you want to

'''Training Mode Videos'''
- Training modes of course will go here

[[Category: Real Bout 2]] this goes at the absolute end of the page


All credits for this template goes to Krazykone123 as he made the entire template, I just modified it.


Edit: Forgot to put the time! My bad guys. Time will be 6:00 PM CST/7:00 PM EST. This goes for both days. It'll just last until its done so play as long as you like!

All right the DC RB2 sessions but THIS time, Garou will be joining us for a Fatal Fury Weekend! Its August 20th and the 21st so don't plan anything on those dates! Same routine as before, you can choose this to be a FT5, 7, or 10. This thread will be deleted once the session is over and I'll post up the results over in the results thread. To sign up, post your GGPO/Supercade/Arclive handles, your characters used, which games you're gonna sign up for, and your speedtest results. Go to to do your speedtest and get the results.

On the day of the session, make sure you log in to the official Dreamcancel chatroom located in the toolbar at the bottom of the page an hour before so we can get everything organized and ready.


GGPO: steamwolf
Characters used RB2: Terry, Andy, Joe, Mary, Mai, Duck King, Xiangfei, Kim, Krauser
Characters used Garou: Terry, Rock, Dong Hwan, Marco (Butt), Tizoc
Games played: Both
Ping: 9ms
Download Speed: 20.29 Mbps
Upload Speed: 4.06 Mbps

GGPO: -Entity-
Supercade: J+M6308
Characters used RB2: Chonrei, Chonshu, Franco, Tung
Characters used Garou: Terry, Butt, Tizoc, Freeman
Games played: Both
Ping: 43ms
Download Speed: 16.89 Mbps
Upload Speed: 10.18 Mbps

GGPO/Supercade: Desmond Delaghetto
Arclive: Des Delaghetto
Game: RB2
Characters: Andy, Chonrei

GGPO: thecore
Supercade: thec0re3
Characters used RB2: Joe(main), Kim(possibly), Rick(possibly)
Characters used Garou: N/A
Games played: Both eons ago

GGPO/Supercade: RunningWild
Characters used RB2: Kim
Characters used Garou: B.Jenet

Supercade: Mr Bakaboy
Characters used RB2 (in order): Joe, Andy, Mai, Terry, Kim, Blue Mary
Characters used Garou (in order): Rock, Dong Wan, Jae Hoon, Marco, Terry, Hokutomaru, Freeman
Ping 40m/s

GGPO: Man Chest
Ping: 36
DL: 20Mbs
UL: 2Mbs
Entering MOTW
Characters: Whoever tickles my pickle

GGPO: MikelAL93
Location: Oklahoma
Game: MOTW
Characters: Terry, Rock

GGPO: Sonikku305
Characters: Terry, Rock, & Hotaru
Game: MOTW
ill post connection soon

Characters used in RB2: Franco Bash, sometimes Laurence Blood
Characters used in MOTW: Kain R. Heinlein, Tizoc

Since I've kind of rebooted how we're doing RB2 sessions now, I'll be doing this in a similar format to Desmond's 2k2 sessions, this one being session 1.

7/23/11 - Session 1

steamwolf vs. Louiscipher

Louiscipher wins 10-9

Jedpossum vs. Wingshot7777

Wingshot7777 wins 7-3

SaikyoMishima vs. thec0re3

SaikyoMishima wins 10-1

Ghostpilot vs. thec0re3

Ghostpilot wins 10-0

RunningWild vs. thec0re3

RunningWild wins 10-0

Ghostpilot vs. PureYeti

Ghostpilot wins 8-0

Ghostpilot vs. steamwolf

Ghostpilot wins 10-1

PureYeti vs. RunningWild

RunningWild wins 10-3

Runningwild vs. steamwolf

RunningWild wins 10-3

PureYeti vs. thec0re3

PureYeti wins 10-1

If I missed anybody or there's any errors, please reply to this thread and let me know.

Real Bout 2 / He's break-dance fighting! The Bob Wilson thread
« on: July 22, 2011, 11:10:12 AM »

Lemme know your thoughts guys. If anyone notices any issues, please post in the thread here and let me know so I can change/add etc...

Online Matchmaking / What day(s) do you want to play games?
« on: July 18, 2011, 07:44:35 PM »
We want to know when its convenient for everyone else and when people wanna play. I have allowed votes to be changed, so if you ever need to change your vote go ahead (I understand schedules sometimes change unexpectedly). So go ahead and leave your vote, cast your input, etc. Let us know what you think and what day is best for you, the members.

Social Club / Back from CEO!
« on: June 19, 2011, 08:14:39 PM »
Hey guys, I'm back from CEO and done putting so much of my time towards Capcom games (for awhile hopefully!). With KoF XIII console version announced, and with it more than likely being at regional tournaments in 2012, I see no reason to focus on anything thats NOT SNK! But for now, I'm gonna share a few things about CEO down here in FL and my thoughts on the whole thing and got some pics too!

First off, the venue was very nice. The Wyndham Hotel and Resort was a great place to stay and I was comfortable the entire time. Orlando is very very hot in the summer, but thats to be expected. However, the hotel and the convention center remained at comfortable temperatures so inside there wasn't a huge amount of sweating or anything. Alex Jebailey did a great job as TO and any issues that popped up were quickly resolved. Unlike most tournament streams I've seen, there was a quite a lot of entertainment. Cosplayers, cosplay contest, free NOS all weekend, a DJ, and a capoeira exhibition. Tons of casuals, custom arcade machines was a blast! As for SNK stuff I saw well...there wasn't much, but I did meet a friend of Desmond's!

I forget his name...DJ something? I feel bad for this! But he was a fantastic Garou player and I snapped a shot of his Neogeo and played a few rounds with him. I lost naturally (not used to this Neogeo layout at all...) but he said he knew Desmond when I got to talking about Dreamcancel and he told me he was from the Minnesota area and Desmond played on that same Neogeo before. I had to share this on here just for that reason! He even hooked up the Taito arcade machine with Garou which was very cool! He was untouchable in that game no matter who sat down to play him.

For any tech junkies, you may appreciate this. This is a Morrigan-styled Joystick with an alluminum battop and alternating LED lights when idling. It was beautiful and I loved it. The lights of course will each light up to the corresponding button you press, but they just keep alternating if you leave it alone. I was very impressed and nabbed one of his business cards. I have an SNK project lined up for this guy in the future!

Last but not least, the cosplayer who got the most attention: A Poison! Yeah she may be a dude but come on I couldn't resist! (Yes thats me in the pic). When the DJ saw her, he put on Biv Bev Devoe's "Poison" and several people began to dance to it, with Poison strutting up and dancing with them. Even some of the capoeira guys got in on it!

Onto more serious fighting game discussion at CEO...(Sorry, SNK news ended with the Neogeo!) SSFIV: AE was very interesting. There was a large amount of Yun players but many of them flat out sucked. The people who did the best were the ones who stuck to their original characters (with the grand exception of maybe Marn, who is doing decent with Yun). Tokido ended up winning everything he participated in (except Mortal Kombat he was destroyed in that). Tokido even won in MARVEL which was bumming Mike Ross pretty bad. I agree, America should be winning hand over fist in Marvel no matter what but looking at the current results for Norcal Regionals (subject to change!) we may end up redeeming ourselves against them there. Tokido however is not there. Its very possible that Tokido could become America's biggest threat in Marvel. Wether you like Capcom or not, deffinantly something to keep an eye on!

During the AE tournament, a very good El Fuerte player came outta nowhere (he actually eliminated me but I did better than his buddies thought I would) and gave Marn a serious run for his money. The crowd got behind him and began to chant "FUERTE FUERTE FUERTE!" and would usually yell "OHHHHHH!" very loud. I swear it was like hearing an army crying out! The Fuerte ultimately lost, and Marn was thoroughly pissed, but it was deffinantly a moment worth seeing.

Tokido ended up dominating Blazblue as well. I didn't watch most of that (or play) but one thing that greatly bothered me was it was just a Noel fest. If you used Noel, you won. If not, you probably lost. To me that is a huge balance issue that makes the game unfavorable to me and so I have no drive to touch it now. My friends stuck to their mains and got some compliments on how good they were with them but ultimately, they lost to Noel! Very disappointed with how BBCSII turned out.

Tekken and SCIV were about the same as BB on a lesser scale. Bob and Steve were the win buttons. SCIV had Sophitia as the win button (though there was no Sophitia who ranked top four). The top eight/four for each of those had some more variety than Blazblue did but I was still a little disappointed.

Mortal Kombat had a very interesting turnout. People used a wide variety of different characters and I got to see James Chen get utterly destroyed by a Reptile player. The Reptile was pissed at beating a famous guy like James Chen so easily. He won the entire tournament just using Reptile, which is funny because most people are all over Ermac and Smoke! Very interesting turnout there and it was fun to watch. More people signed up for MK9 than originally planned and thus they had to split it into four pools at the last minute. Not their fault, but who would have expected 100+ people for MK? Tekken sure didn't get that much (46).

Lastly, I ended up meeting with Harada-san of Namco Bandai! He signed my joystick and drew a little Heihachi picture on it. Apparently he was also dominating quite heavily with Heihachi in Tekken. I heard he beat F. Yagami pretty badly. I don't have any pictures to share of this, but I'll see about getting a pic of his signature sometime. ONE thing to look forward to is he showed a huge interest in the capoeira exhibition. He actually moved in to the front row and recorded the whole thing. Perhaps what he saw will be used for Tekken x Street Fighter? That would be quite the interesting turn of events. Perhaps SNK needs to come hang out with us more often and see things like that eh?

All and all, I had a lot of fun and Alex Jebaily and the rest of the CEO cast did a fantastic job. I hope KoF XIII happens next year and I would love to go and play it there! Next year, that will absolutely be my main game for tournaments.

Real Bout 2 / Rebel Yell - The Billy Kane thread
« on: April 13, 2011, 02:03:18 PM »

Lemme know your thoughts guys. If anyone notices any issues, please post in the thread here and let me know so I can change/add etc...

Real Bout 2 / Yakuza 101 - The Yamazaki Ryuji thread
« on: April 10, 2011, 12:51:31 PM »

Lemme know your thoughts guys. If anyone notices any issues, please post in the thread here and let me know so I can change/add etc...

Real Bout 2 / Shooting Star - The Terry Bogard thread
« on: March 31, 2011, 10:06:10 AM »

Gameplay Overview

Gameplay Notes

-To win with Terry, you want to frustrate the opponent into jumping with Terry's nasty poking game, and pressuring them into cracking once they're in the corner.


-Ridiculous frame advantage

-High speed, power, and priority

-Incredibly good anti-air game


-His fireballs aren't too hot and have a little too much startup recovery

-No mindgames what-so-ever

-Only has two over-heads, and one of them, Power Dunk, is only worthwhile when used in a chain combo and even then is not too great

-If baited, his anti-airs can be punished severely, especially Rising Tackle


Far st. ;b

-Great reach

-Fast poke, helps keep people off of Terry

-Better suited for being about medium range when doing as a poke.

Far st. ;c

-Further reach than st. ;b

-Hits harder than st. ;b

-Slightly more recovery, but not a huge problem (Terry's frame recoveries are all insanely fast)

-Again, best suited to at medium range if used as a poke.

Crouching ;c

-Good reach


-Can be canceled into?


Buster Throw
 ;fd/ ;bk+ ;c(Close)

Command Moves

Back-step Kick - Terry does a jumping roundhouse kick
 ;fd+ ;b

-Knocks opponent into back plane

-Good for rushing down the opponent

-Good as a combo ender

-You can cancel it into a Special/DM by performing said Special/DM right before the kick comes out

Wild Upper - Terry does a straight uppercut into the air
 ;df+ ;a

-Good anti-air, but time it so the opponent is above you

 Power Dunk - Terry follows up by knocking the opponent into the air and coming back down with a downward punch
 ;uf+ ;b (Right after Wild Upper)

Charge Kick - Terry does a running kick, similar to a punt in Football
 ;fd ;fd+ ;c


-Can cancel Charge Kick into a Special/DM by doing the Special/DM just before the kick comes out

-Can be canceled without hitting the opponent

Avoid Attack

Gut Uppercut - Terry does a fast uppercut into the air
 ;a+ ;b

-Good anti-air

-Use at the very moment you are about to be hit by the opponent to avoid an attack and counter-attack (Not on projectiles)

 Power Charge - Terry follows up his Gut Uppercut with a football style tackle
  ;fd+C (Right after Gut Uppercut)

 -Can juggle after the Power Charge

 -Power Charge does not combo off of Gut Uppercut

Fake Attacks

Burn Knuckle Fake - Terry does the initial frames of the Burn Knuckle
 ;fd+ ;a+ ;c

-A good fake to use

Power Geyser Fake - Terry does the initial frames of the Power Geyser
 ;dn+ ;b+ ;c

-Another decent fake of his to use

Special Moves

Burn Knuckle - Terry poses for a moment, then flies across the screen with his arm extended, fist covered in energy.
 ;dn ;db ;bk + ;a/ ;c


-Can juggle a Rising Tackle with the  ;c version if they're in the air.

- ;a version comes out faster and goes out half the screen and does less damage

- ;c version comes out slower, but it covers the whole screen distance and does more damage

-Does decent stun

-Breakshotable. Highly recommended to use as a Breakshot

Power Wave - Terry punches the ground and throws a spark along the ground
 ;dn ;df ;fd + ;a

-Good for pressuring, but not recommended to use if you're far from your opponent.

-Will clash other projectiles, canceling both out.

Round Wave - Terry punches the ground, creating a small explosion around his fist
 ;dn ;df ;fd + ;c

-Hits both planes

-Must be blocked low in the back plane

-Pulls opponent to front plane even if they block

-Absorbs projectiles

-Not overly useful except for attacking the back plane

Crack Shoot - Terry travels through the air with one leg extended, flying in a semi circular path.
 ;dn ;db ;bk + ;b

-Good to use from medium range


-Good to use in combos

-Does not give knockdown


Fire Kick - Terry slides along the ground with one foot extended, if it connects, he does a second kick, which will send the opponent into the air.
 ;dn ;df ;fd + ;b

-The sliding kick must be blocked low

-Sliding kick must connect to perform the full attack

-Follow up kick launches opponent into the air and can be followed up with a Rising Tackle

-Needs to be used at about medium range at least or it won't connect


-Can be followed up with an  ;a Burn Knuckle or a Crack Shoot


-Difficult to use to surprise your opponent

Passing Sway - Terry hits the opponent with an elbow and then finishes with a turn around kick
 ;dn ;df ;fd + ;d

-Will send Terry to the back plane

-Will not work if opponent is in the back plane

-Not very useful as it doesn't provide much any advantage on hit

-Very little recovery lag

Rising Tackle - Terry risies from the ground spinning, feet first, arms extended
Charge ;dn,  ;up+ ;a

-Fantastic anti-air

-Has good priority

-Combos well

-Has low recovery lag

Desperation Move

Power Geyser - Terry punches the ground and a huge explosion rises.
 ;dn ;db ;bk, ;db, ;fd + ;b + ;c

-Good anti-air

-Great priority

-Comes out fast

-Quick recovery

-Absorbs projectiles

-Cannot combo off of anything (Unsure of this)

Super Desperation Move

Tripple Geyser - Terry punches the ground, creating three huge explosions with every punch
 ;dn ;db ;bk, ;db, ;fd + ;c

-Absorbs projectiles

-Combos off of practically everything


-Is possible to juggle from this, but its extremely hard

Real Bout 2 / Rumble in the Jungle Results and Discussion
« on: March 29, 2011, 09:07:42 AM »
Edit: Posted up the wrong video! Sorry guys, here's the right one.

Real Bout 2 / Real Bout 2 Video Thread
« on: March 12, 2011, 11:49:02 PM »
Thus far, I've uploaded several RB2 match videos done by players here at Dreamcancel. There's a playlist now for all the RB2 videos, to make it very convientient for everybody to find RB2 videos on there and view them. Its rather small now, but the more we play the more we'll be able to add and the more things we'll find out from watching said videos about the characters. Overall, I recommend everyone check them out. Only one or two have some vocal commentary (thats more silly banter) and more recently I have cut down on that and added music over the few bits I've found.

The entire playlist of RB2 videos on DC. Lets get this list growing!

Real Bout 2 / Keep America Beautiful - The Rick Strowd thread
« on: March 06, 2011, 03:57:38 PM »

Gameplay Overview

Gameplay Notes

-A damn combo machine.

-Can do obscene damage off a jab.

-Is incredibly fast.

-Has a great all-around moveset, an unblockable that leads into combo, a ranged, projectile-eating super that hits low, and to top it all off, an infinite (though it is pretty tough to do).


-Rick excels in just about everything, but where he truly shines is his damage potential from anywhere, and his zoning, pressure and mixup games.


-Rick's a boxer, so his lows aren't anything to write home about. A lot of his moves can easily become victim to breakshots.



Far st. ;c

-Good Reach

-Decent Poke

-Can be used as a Breakshot? (Broken English in google translate is rough...)


cr. ;a

-Comes out fast

-Short reach

-Good for close-range mostly


Jumping ;a

-Strong jumping attack with good range

Jumping ;c

-A strong downward attack

-Works well against smaller opponents


Punching Bag
 ;fd/ ;bk + ;c (Close)

Command Moves

Punisher - Rick performs his far st. ;c animation, but with more range
 ;fd ;fd + ;c

-Cannot be used for a Breakshot?

Chopping Right - Rick leans forward with two jabs in a downward angle
 ;fd+ ;a

-Two Hits

-Both hits are overheads

-Can be canceled into a Special/DM/SDM by performing the Special/DM/SDM before Chopping Right comes out

-Appears to have bad frames on block?

-Best used for rushing down and punishing a low block.

Sword Smash - Rick does an uppercut
 ;df+ ;a

-Can be used for anti-air

-Hits pretty hard

-You can connect a variety of combos with this

Step Punch - When used right as he's about to be hit, Rick will dodge the attack and counter-attack
 ;a+ ;b

-Small reach

-Don't use as a dillusionary tactic

-Good as an anti-air?

Shooting Star Fake - Rick ducks and performs the initial frames of his sweep
 ;fd+ ;a+ ;c

-This move is actually improperly named, as Rick does not fake his Shooting Star at all, but instead fakes his standard sweep.


-Can be comboed off of

Shooting Star - Rick dashes forward and delivers four punches to the stomach and face.
 ;dn ;df ;fd+ ;a


-Must reach opponent to execute this maneuver

-Comes out faster than the  ;c version, but doesn't knock down

-Doesn't travel as far as  ;c version, nor does it launch opponent into the air

-Rick's most useful move

-Very safe

-Combos off of any normal from any range

-Does great damage

-Leaves Rick at frame advantage

-Rick will not do the punches if missed

-By whiffing a dash, you can instantly go into a throw, which is a good confusion tactic

-Easiest move to eat a Breakshot with.

EX Shooting Star - If you don't have meter, Rick will do a six-hit punch series
 ;dn ;df ;fd+ ;c

-If you don't have meter, Rick will do a six-hit punch series

-Which is unsafe

-And the punches come out even if the dash whiffs

-If you DO have meter, Rick does a series of punches that ends with a massive uppercut

-Combos from anything

-Chips away at the bigger characters like crazy

-Can be juggled with a Hellion or a Punisher afterwards

-Still unsafe

-Causes decent stun

Divine Blast - Rick leaps back about 2/3 of the screen distance, whistles, and delivers a sliding punch that travels about 3/4 screen distance
 ;dn ;db ;bk+ ;c


-Knocks down unless you hit with the very tip of Rick's fist

-Can be used for a breakshot

-Which shouldn't even be bothered with, as he has other, better, Breakshots

-Press  ;d while backdashing and Rick will cancel out of the attack

-Which is a good way to help maintain distance between you and the opponent

-Decent stun

Full Moon Fever - Rick sways back and forth and goes "wahoo!".

-Rick will continue swaying for as long as you hold  ;b

-If not holding  ;b, move will drop automatically after five seconds

-Bad recovery

-Completely open to lows and throws during the animation

-Dodges high attacks

Hellion - Rick swings his left fist across his body, and then swings his other fist upwards, with both swings leaving behind a gold trail.
 ;fd ;dn ;df+ ;a

-Very fast

-Great priority

-Good as an anti-air

-Great as a Breakshot

-Can juggle from his sweep

-If done right after  ;dn ;df ;fd+ ;c (Both versions), this can be done as an infinite combo

-Good stun

Blazing Sunburst - Rick leans back for a moment and then delivers a huuuuge blow to the opponent's stomach.
 ;dn ;db ;bk+ ;a


-If used when opponent is knocked down, opponent can backdash or reversal so use it sparingly

-If you do manage to land it, however, you can cancel it into Rick's  ;dn ;df ;fd+ ;c with meter, which means about a bar and 1/3 worth of damage.

-Rather slow, so it can be hard to combo with

Gaia Breath - Rick's DM. Rick delivers a huge punch to the stomach, followed by a giant right cross that sends out a giant typhoon.
 ;fd, ;bk ;db ;dn ;df ;fd+ ;b+ ;c

-Cancels projectiles

-Great damage for a DM

-Safe as long as the opponent doesn't Breakshot

-Has almost zero range, but still has combo options

-Has good stun

Howling Bull - Rick's SDM. Rick delivers a series of barely-visible punches ending with a huge fireball.
 ;fd, ;bk ;db ;dn ;df ;fd+ ;c

-Punches have 2/3 screen range

-Fireball has full screen range

-Combos from anything

-Quick start up

-Great damage

-Good invincibility

-Zero recoverys

-Eats fireballs

-Hits low

-Possible to juggle with this, but it can be a little tricky

-Of course, good stun

Update: thec0re3 has been added to the player base. He says he's always wanted to play RB2 and never had anyone to play with, so anyone willing to feel free to get in some games with him. Also: Only 12 votes listed on the poll after all this time. We got 22 RB2 players here! Come on guys, we can't let KoF 02 beat us! (Jk KoF players I like it too)

While DC as a whole may have its own Player Database, I feel its necessary to let everyone know who plays RB2 and how many players for the game we actually have here at DC. I'll also list potential players, people who are trying it out and/or are interested.

Currently, we do RB2 First to 5/7/10 sessions depending upon player preference. The plan is to do this once or twice a month on weekends so look forward to these sessions in the future.

Current known players here at DC: 22

steamwolf - North Florida, USA EST
Deadlyrave-Neo - New Orleans, LA USA CST
Nilcam - Oklahoma, USA CST
DesmondDellaghetto - Minnesota, USA CST
Tom Caddie
Sibarraz - Chile, South America
Louiscipher - New York, USA EST
Wingshot7777 - North Florida, USA EST
RunningWild - New York, USA EST
Bun Bu Ryo Do
Nocturnal - Southern California, USA PST
God 2.0 - Norway
Yor - France

Potential Players:

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