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Real Bout 2 / Real Bout 2 Video Thread
« on: March 12, 2011, 11:49:02 PM »
Thus far, I've uploaded several RB2 match videos done by players here at Dreamcancel. There's a playlist now for all the RB2 videos, to make it very convientient for everybody to find RB2 videos on there and view them. Its rather small now, but the more we play the more we'll be able to add and the more things we'll find out from watching said videos about the characters. Overall, I recommend everyone check them out. Only one or two have some vocal commentary (thats more silly banter) and more recently I have cut down on that and added music over the few bits I've found.

The entire playlist of RB2 videos on DC. Lets get this list growing!

Real Bout 2 / Re: Keep America Beautiful - The Rick Strowd thread
« on: March 12, 2011, 11:46:02 PM »
b fwd c dwn c is a target combo

Great, I'll add it once I get a chance to get back to Rick's thread. Anybody else with input, feel free to contribute as well!

Real Bout 2 / Re: RB2 Player Compendium
« on: March 12, 2011, 11:42:28 PM »
I'm down to play. I haven't played in a minute though. Just need to dust off the rust.

Glad you'd like to join us. You up for the current tournament bracket we're doing as well?

General Discussion / Re: The King of Fighters XIII Home Port Wishlist
« on: March 10, 2011, 04:26:30 AM »
The DLC is more of a marketing plan than an actual money saver. Yeah they make you pay but everyone is doing it now. Personally? I prefer to pay and download it than have to unlock everything in Tekken. It can take soooo long in Tekken 6 to do that and honestly? I REALLY do not care about offline content that much. Story mode, sure. Maybe a few trophies but Tekken 6 is on my shelf collecting dust for a few reasons besides shitty online. With pay for DLC, with proper marketing, this will net SNKP more money as well make it easier for people like me who just wanna select the costume and go. But fans do not stress! This also shows SNKP you like KoF and want more KoF content. Supporting the company is a good way to get more from them. All of this "boycotting SNKP" does not work. When Capcom's sales decreased drastically They disappeared for ten years, it was the tournament scene and fan demand that brought back Marvel and Street Fighter. Fan outcry is what got them to work on the online play and create something better, its what got TvC here. Always remember there has NEVER been an example in the game industry to prove "boycotting" ever does a damn thing so again, DLC would further aid in assisting SNKP and let them know there's people here that want their games. Adding in ridiculous hours of grinding for in-game money and unlocking a bunch of tiny pieces of costumes imo is not quite as good as having DLC costume packs. But I do think the Scenario Campaign for Tekken 6 was very interesting. I'd like to see a Fatal Fury reboot have something similar as a pre-Fatal Fury 1 campaign.

You would be correct there, sir. Even with the failure that was KoF XII, they had a KoF game there. Think it was 98 or 02 I don't remember.

Online Matchmaking / Re: KOF12 casuals JOIN!!!!!!!!!
« on: March 09, 2011, 02:24:00 PM »
Saturdays are rough for me, as you know I do Fatal Fury Saturdays every Saturday from 6-12 EST. You'll need to schedule it a little sooner than 6pm, otherwise shouldn't be a problem.

Neo Geo Battle Coliseum / Re: NGBC General Discussion thread
« on: March 08, 2011, 06:17:33 PM »
I'm getting into this game myself for the first time really. My best team thus far appears to be Terry/Mr. Karate but I like using almost the entire cast. And I'm liking the sheer knowledge Jinx has on this game. Deffinantly something I wanna be playing more of! Any of you guys hit me up with a PM or Aim or something sometime and ask if I wanna play.

Neo Geo Battle Coliseum / Re: NGBC XBLA Players
« on: March 08, 2011, 06:08:48 PM »
Add me on there, even though this thread is older I want people to know I play

XBL: steeeeeaaam

Hit me up on here or something first cause I normally do not get on my 360 very often.

Online Matchmaking / Re: KOF12 casuals JOIN!!!!!!!!!
« on: March 08, 2011, 05:59:46 PM »
You gonna give us a date and time anytime soon?

Real Bout 2 / Re: Keep America Beautiful - The Rick Strowd thread
« on: March 06, 2011, 03:58:08 PM »

Real Bout 2 / Keep America Beautiful - The Rick Strowd thread
« on: March 06, 2011, 03:57:38 PM »

Gameplay Overview

Gameplay Notes

-A damn combo machine.

-Can do obscene damage off a jab.

-Is incredibly fast.

-Has a great all-around moveset, an unblockable that leads into combo, a ranged, projectile-eating super that hits low, and to top it all off, an infinite (though it is pretty tough to do).


-Rick excels in just about everything, but where he truly shines is his damage potential from anywhere, and his zoning, pressure and mixup games.


-Rick's a boxer, so his lows aren't anything to write home about. A lot of his moves can easily become victim to breakshots.



Far st. ;c

-Good Reach

-Decent Poke

-Can be used as a Breakshot? (Broken English in google translate is rough...)


cr. ;a

-Comes out fast

-Short reach

-Good for close-range mostly


Jumping ;a

-Strong jumping attack with good range

Jumping ;c

-A strong downward attack

-Works well against smaller opponents


Punching Bag
 ;fd/ ;bk + ;c (Close)

Command Moves

Punisher - Rick performs his far st. ;c animation, but with more range
 ;fd ;fd + ;c

-Cannot be used for a Breakshot?

Chopping Right - Rick leans forward with two jabs in a downward angle
 ;fd+ ;a

-Two Hits

-Both hits are overheads

-Can be canceled into a Special/DM/SDM by performing the Special/DM/SDM before Chopping Right comes out

-Appears to have bad frames on block?

-Best used for rushing down and punishing a low block.

Sword Smash - Rick does an uppercut
 ;df+ ;a

-Can be used for anti-air

-Hits pretty hard

-You can connect a variety of combos with this

Step Punch - When used right as he's about to be hit, Rick will dodge the attack and counter-attack
 ;a+ ;b

-Small reach

-Don't use as a dillusionary tactic

-Good as an anti-air?

Shooting Star Fake - Rick ducks and performs the initial frames of his sweep
 ;fd+ ;a+ ;c

-This move is actually improperly named, as Rick does not fake his Shooting Star at all, but instead fakes his standard sweep.


-Can be comboed off of

Shooting Star - Rick dashes forward and delivers four punches to the stomach and face.
 ;dn ;df ;fd+ ;a


-Must reach opponent to execute this maneuver

-Comes out faster than the  ;c version, but doesn't knock down

-Doesn't travel as far as  ;c version, nor does it launch opponent into the air

-Rick's most useful move

-Very safe

-Combos off of any normal from any range

-Does great damage

-Leaves Rick at frame advantage

-Rick will not do the punches if missed

-By whiffing a dash, you can instantly go into a throw, which is a good confusion tactic

-Easiest move to eat a Breakshot with.

EX Shooting Star - If you don't have meter, Rick will do a six-hit punch series
 ;dn ;df ;fd+ ;c

-If you don't have meter, Rick will do a six-hit punch series

-Which is unsafe

-And the punches come out even if the dash whiffs

-If you DO have meter, Rick does a series of punches that ends with a massive uppercut

-Combos from anything

-Chips away at the bigger characters like crazy

-Can be juggled with a Hellion or a Punisher afterwards

-Still unsafe

-Causes decent stun

Divine Blast - Rick leaps back about 2/3 of the screen distance, whistles, and delivers a sliding punch that travels about 3/4 screen distance
 ;dn ;db ;bk+ ;c


-Knocks down unless you hit with the very tip of Rick's fist

-Can be used for a breakshot

-Which shouldn't even be bothered with, as he has other, better, Breakshots

-Press  ;d while backdashing and Rick will cancel out of the attack

-Which is a good way to help maintain distance between you and the opponent

-Decent stun

Full Moon Fever - Rick sways back and forth and goes "wahoo!".

-Rick will continue swaying for as long as you hold  ;b

-If not holding  ;b, move will drop automatically after five seconds

-Bad recovery

-Completely open to lows and throws during the animation

-Dodges high attacks

Hellion - Rick swings his left fist across his body, and then swings his other fist upwards, with both swings leaving behind a gold trail.
 ;fd ;dn ;df+ ;a

-Very fast

-Great priority

-Good as an anti-air

-Great as a Breakshot

-Can juggle from his sweep

-If done right after  ;dn ;df ;fd+ ;c (Both versions), this can be done as an infinite combo

-Good stun

Blazing Sunburst - Rick leans back for a moment and then delivers a huuuuge blow to the opponent's stomach.
 ;dn ;db ;bk+ ;a


-If used when opponent is knocked down, opponent can backdash or reversal so use it sparingly

-If you do manage to land it, however, you can cancel it into Rick's  ;dn ;df ;fd+ ;c with meter, which means about a bar and 1/3 worth of damage.

-Rather slow, so it can be hard to combo with

Gaia Breath - Rick's DM. Rick delivers a huge punch to the stomach, followed by a giant right cross that sends out a giant typhoon.
 ;fd, ;bk ;db ;dn ;df ;fd+ ;b+ ;c

-Cancels projectiles

-Great damage for a DM

-Safe as long as the opponent doesn't Breakshot

-Has almost zero range, but still has combo options

-Has good stun

Howling Bull - Rick's SDM. Rick delivers a series of barely-visible punches ending with a huge fireball.
 ;fd, ;bk ;db ;dn ;df ;fd+ ;c

-Punches have 2/3 screen range

-Fireball has full screen range

-Combos from anything

-Quick start up

-Great damage

-Good invincibility

-Zero recoverys

-Eats fireballs

-Hits low

-Possible to juggle with this, but it can be a little tricky

-Of course, good stun

Real Bout 2 / Re: RB2 Player Compendium
« on: March 06, 2011, 09:59:49 AM »
Added. Anybody else who wishes to be added, go ahead and leave a post and you will be added. This thread will help to keep track of the players who are interested in RB2, ontop of adding towards a bigger and better idea than before.

Update: thec0re3 has been added to the player base. He says he's always wanted to play RB2 and never had anyone to play with, so anyone willing to feel free to get in some games with him. Also: Only 12 votes listed on the poll after all this time. We got 22 RB2 players here! Come on guys, we can't let KoF 02 beat us! (Jk KoF players I like it too)

While DC as a whole may have its own Player Database, I feel its necessary to let everyone know who plays RB2 and how many players for the game we actually have here at DC. I'll also list potential players, people who are trying it out and/or are interested.

Currently, we do RB2 First to 5/7/10 sessions depending upon player preference. The plan is to do this once or twice a month on weekends so look forward to these sessions in the future.

Current known players here at DC: 22

steamwolf - North Florida, USA EST
Deadlyrave-Neo - New Orleans, LA USA CST
Nilcam - Oklahoma, USA CST
DesmondDellaghetto - Minnesota, USA CST
Tom Caddie
Sibarraz - Chile, South America
Louiscipher - New York, USA EST
Wingshot7777 - North Florida, USA EST
RunningWild - New York, USA EST
Bun Bu Ryo Do
Nocturnal - Southern California, USA PST
God 2.0 - Norway
Yor - France

Potential Players:

Looks like I'll be setting up a vent server for everybody. This will make it much easier to communicate for matches, and is lightweight enough to not cause additional lag to even the lowest-end PCs on the market today. It may take me a little bit to get everything situated, as its secondary right now to my other responsibilities here.

What characters did each player use?

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