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Real Bout 2 / Re: Real Bout Fatal Fury 2
« on: December 31, 2010, 10:21:04 AM »
Also: I'm looking at doing some of my own combo videos to demonstrate for some of the characters. Never actually made a video before, do you have a recommendation for software/hardware I should be using to do so?

Be careful what you say, Rip Van Winkle. Zamiel may come for you =P

With that said, yes I need to improve myself. Do I feel the need to halt trying to gather more people because I need to improve? No. My skills are not so bad as that to where I am at the entry level, but I won't act like I am solid either. In either case, being serious about a fighting game means constant improvement. No one is ever really done getting better. Are there any actual high-level tournament players here? Well, as high as KoF gets in the Americas. I know outside China and Korea, SNK stuff ain't too hot unless you go to Central and South America.

Real Bout 2 / Re: Real Bout Fatal Fury 2
« on: December 28, 2010, 05:43:45 AM »
I've made decent progress, but character write ups would be extremely helpful to me right now. I of course intend to work on Terry myself as well as Krauser. Was also wanting to do Andy, Joe, Kim, Mai, Mary and Tung but I'm not opposed to any help xD

I also play over any available source. GGPO, Supercade, Arclive, PSN, XBL, etc so if anyone wants to play me I'll probably be around tonight for that.

I think I'll make it a New Years' Resolution to contribute more here. Truth be told, I've been focusing more on my own very very miniscule communtiy locally here, trying to make it bigger. Its quite an uphill battle and unfortunately its not going too well (Florida has strict gambling laws which would shut me down real quick even if I had a venue for tournaments) and because of all of this, I've been sooo focused into Capcom games to which, I find inferior to SNK games. I've been wanting to cross the Rubicon for some time now, and make it back home to where I want to be, but the lack of proper online play as diminished my interest ten-fold in the KoF community, ontop of seeing no drive for SNK fans in America other than a very small handful.

However, people like Dark Geese and Nilcam have inspired me and seeing you all here wanting more drive well...its encouraging me to once again put forth large efforts into the SNK online community. With the advent of GGPO, 2DF, Arclive, Supercade and even XBL/PSN, we have plenty of venues in order to achieve the desired goals. I'm not big tournament player nor am I a very good player, but I do want to improve myself and get more people interested in SNK games. KoF XII's failure was ultimately, the last nail in the coffin that killed my drive to do anything but I can't let that happen any longer. Once a week at least, I am going to do something for this community here. I promised someone a long time ago I would do this on the old SNKP message boards, but seeing as thats gone and Ignition really isn't the place to do it, its time to do it here! I hope everyone will openly contribute. I will probably be focusing first on the Fatal Fury series (and no, not Garou). Sorry if thats a downer for all you KoF 98/02/XIII loving kiddies, but I love FF and AoF and they're still worth playing. People still play ST to this day, so why not Fatal Fury Special? ;p With that, Merry Christmas! Everyone feel free to bug me or harass me, I forget easily and often times grow lazy, but I want to put forth serious effort here.

SNK Games / Re: Anyone try out any NeoGeo Station games?
« on: December 24, 2010, 10:26:35 AM »
I'd rather them keep it OST. Adding the AST will make the downloads bigger and take longer. Plus it could interfere with the online play.

SNK Games / Re: PSN NeoGeo Station
« on: December 24, 2010, 10:23:23 AM »
I would rather then use trial and error on the lesser quality games than screw up on RB2. Let them hear feedback and see results for KoF 94 and see how they handle it. That way, they can fix the problem with later releases. At least, the chances of doing so increase.

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Location: North-Central Florida (near Jacksonville)
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Meet & Greet / Re: Info sharing thread
« on: July 31, 2010, 12:15:22 PM »
Hello, I'm steamwolf. I've been around on the SNKP forums as well as the Ignition boards but I'm pretty quiet, just poked around for news. I was Major Tom on the SNKP boards but that handle is dead. Been playing SNK games for years but I live out in the boonies of FL and so no real scene here at all. Online play is my saving grace, but I loaned out my 360 and stick to a friend sooo you'll only find me on PSN really. No GGPO either, Madcatz sucks with their USB 1.0.

PSN: steamninja
X360: steeeeeaaam
GGPO: steamwolf

I also have a Wii and TvC, and I'm up for really anything. I'm one of the few people who actually liked KoF XII despite the bad online play, but if anyone wants to take a shot at that...ask away! Or anything else, I have pretty much every current fighter out there.

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