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Bandeiras Hattori / Re: Bandeiras Hattori
« on: August 26, 2016, 02:53:07 PM »
Top notch! That's how I every combo list should look like :)

King of Fighters 2k2/UM / Re: KOF 2002 UM - Goro Daimon
« on: January 12, 2016, 08:29:52 PM »
Well timed dp+A's are unblockable on certain wakeups. I believe it used to be an engine bug present in older games but could be totally wrong. In UM it definitely is a feature though since the prerecorded combos makes use of them.

In BC mode do cr.D xx qcb/qcf+K, dp+A xx qcb/qcf+K, dp+A and so forth. Instead of dp+A you can also use MAX2.

King of Fighters 2k2/UM / Re: KOF 2002UM - Robert Garcia
« on: March 09, 2015, 02:20:31 AM »
Some info I think belong in the wiki:

cl.A whiffs on crouching opponents
cl.D has huge activation range (and better reach than far C)

Command Moves
f+A - On hit this move links into light attacks or dp+A. On block it's +1~2, but slightly negative if canceled into. Late canceling from both low attacks works well.

b+A - Roberts arm itself is completely invincible during this move. The preferred follow up is fbf+K, as it deals more damage than his qcfx2K DM.

b/f+K - If you were to anti-air the opponent with this move you can juggle by canceling into qcf+P or dp+P.

Special Moves
qcf+P - Slow to come out but quick to recover. At its worst it's neutral on block but used in blockstrings will leave you at plenty advantage. C version comes out at head level and can be low profiled under.

dp+P - The C version's got invincibility and combos into super. A version is faster, and hits twice on counter-hit for some good damage (but not when used as an anti air).

air qcb+K - While difficult to space right, this move can not only be made safe, it can even give you advantage on block, as after a blocked cl.D, f+A, qcb+B combo in the corner.

qcfx2+K (Reverse Dragon Fang) - Comes out fast and can be comboed into from almost anything, but the damage is so small (less than fbf+K and just 4% more than dp+C) that it might not be worth it.

(The wiki page also needs to get its terminology of cancels/links straight)

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