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Classic King of Fighters / The King of Fighters Mobage??
« on: April 28, 2011, 02:57:36 PM »
Youtube Trailer:

Official site:

So... a social networking game? Wha huh? And using K' XIII music! It's a bit unfair, lol.
1 day after Trouble Witches releases, a new announcement, eh? hmmmm...


SNK Playmore Inc (USA/JP) sponsors Oni-Con 2010.  This year, besides and Arcadeshock sponsoring Big Bruno’s Oni-Cade at the Oni-Con Show, SNK Playmore USA (whom we met up with a few days ago) will be providing KOF XIII (King of Fighters XIII – latest revision) for the fans to come and experience their best product to date.   Those who are lucky enough to even find an arcade release nearby that even has this would have probably played the earlier version, which balanced out some characters betters (by eliminating some infinites) and fixed some bugs.   We thank SNK Playmore USA/JP once again for helping out the community (which they say fans will “know them better” in the upcoming months), so come and join us at Oni-Con 2010 for some great gaming action and play with the elusive KOF XIII Arcade Version (click on rest of article to get more info on the console versions – PS3/Xbox 360).

Entire Blog Article HERE.

Sounds promising...

SNK Games / SNK Playmore On XBLA On Facebook!
« on: September 23, 2010, 05:48:33 AM »
SNK Playmore Official XBLA Facebook page

That's... err... som kinda Non-Japan-centric promotion! There's also some decent full body shots of the Skystage Artwork, Metal Xlugg XX, and at least Ai and Yuki of NGBC. Also some vids showing off the Skystage character moves, and profile info.

May be a decent place to send questions and comments to SNKP... someone with English speaking skills should be reading there, at least!

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