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Leona Heidern / Re: Leona Heidern
« on: August 29, 2010, 08:22:36 PM »
So Chin, Shen Woo, Leona, eh? That sounds pretty fun to watch. Replace Shen for Clark, and you'd have my XII team.

So, random ideas/thoughts:

Can you combo ;a X-Calibur into EX X-Cal in corner?

Strike Arch is only possible from  ;fd  ;b, correct? In 2k2, It's also possible from  ;bk ;b . (I prefer it only from  ;fd, as you can then use standing/walking back ;b as an anti-hop.)

Do any of her moves count as anywhere juggles? Slash Saber seems to do a very good job of catching people out of the air... could make her into a nice Mini-Betty.

Can she land Baltic Launcher off standing ;c ;d , jumping ;c ;d or drive canceled from other special in corner?

Are these the correct properties for B.Launcher?:
-- ;a is fairly fast, appears in front of her.
-- ;c is about the same speed, but floats forwards and upwards (yay for no slow, awkward jump!)
-- ;a ;c has a wider hitbox, appears faster, + she recover faster (for possible drive meterless followups?)

Maybe she could do EX X Calibur from a backwards hop? (could do normal X-Cal from hop in XII, but there wasn't much point.)

Maybe Earring Bakuden could actually have some use in HD combos? Seemed to have fast activation (for Bakuden, anyway), could be a decent way to re-float a falling opponent.

Can she drive cancel out of the recovery frames from Bakuden? Could be a nice way to regain lost pressure w/quick Grand Sabres, or just a nice way to land/start a combo, if the Bakuden catches them low during your GS advance.

General Discussion / Re: The King of Fighters XIII Video Thread
« on: August 26, 2010, 02:00:28 PM »
Robert's move is Ushirogeri - ;b ;d in air

No idea how effective Mai's command dive is, but I'd imagine it has a good hitbox, but isn't as fast as Roberts crossup. Would love to see a vid of it being put to real good use.

General Discussion / Re: The King of Fighters XIII Video Thread
« on: August 26, 2010, 01:40:52 PM »
At WF vid, I've seen at the final of the second match, shen vs. robert, robert doing a wall jump and then some kind of weird kick, like he kicks from back standing on air. Has always robert have this kind of kick?

He received the kick in XII. But it's origins come for original AoF, where every (well, at least most?) character could kick off the wall with such an attack.

In modern times. The crossup property was there in XII. The ability to jump off the wall was added in XIII.

Full Translation of ye olde awesome blog update, provided by Toxico of MMCafe:

Suddenly, in an over use of Authority and almost in a violent tone the producer Kukino came out and said "How would this character look drawn in KoF XIII dotting style graphics", that's a daring plan.

- 5 months have passed since the start of this blog, there have been just so many difficulties but there is this deep feeling that something great was achieved.

With this summer intense heat has been really on season, specially with all of those heated battles of the Tougeki qualifers, Have you not fought on those? Even with that passionate feeling don't go there and forget to consume the right amount of water~.
Now, I wonder if it was just selfish from my part in the beginning and an extortion as an art director, "Everyone should see this character, why not draw them up a bit until they are completely cleaned up!" And even with that abuse of power, I also have been enjoying the results from this batch, and so this blog update took shape.
Now, let's check this exclusive footage.

Already in the Malasian stage Chang Koehan has a cameo appearance in dot graphics, due to Raiden and Hwa he could not make it into this game, however if we would have selected him we would have been aimed to such Volume that the whole screen would have been filled with Chang. Wouldn't have that been tasty?.

<reference: Cameo appearance from Chang>

Well, let's continue with Momoko and Malin

Malin and Momoko fans everywhere, are you happy right now?

The gorgeous Mai, the cool Leona ~ Elisabeth ~ King, the sadistic beauty of Mature & Vice, the Cuteness of Athena ~ Yuri ~ Kula is what we got, but what with these two? (Malin & Momoko). Doesn't Momoko give a weightlessness feeling with that appearance, and does not Malin give that impressive agile expression with just looking at her?

And now with Oswald.

It's a cool Irish Stout Bill, with this design these draws almost become my life time career hobby. Doesn't it look like there is no thing in heaven and earth more stylish that those fingertips? How manly~
As we drawn these, we couldn't help but to wonder what would have happened if these characters would have made the cut into the game. Would you have liked to used them? Oh, well, that would end up as homework for some other time...

- We thank mister Kukino for his over use of power, even though it meant that he had to go at it on a full nighter and now suffers from severe pains in his whole body.
Well, that was a great threat, but there is still juice out for this article, as we can still review something of the demo movie, let's pass some request to mr Nishimura.


Ladies and Gentlemen, it's Nishimura here.
From now on let's take a look into the characters introduced in the demo movie.

They became an important factor in the plot development of the story, [those who come from his distant land] (* Here are some of them) (Let's keep it as Harekushi for shorts); here are in casual clothes. We had that in the demo movie most of these guys where on robes, but we have that the director also had ideas on how would they look in casual clothes and how would that would speak to some extent of their personality. Some of these guy appeared previously in our past work (KoF XI) in some endings, but even those fellows got a new costume design just for today.

This one was among the core characters from the Harukeshi "Botan" and her set of illustrations, her design was to keep into account the ideas of [well endowed] , [meat on her bones] and [asian beauty] (it's actually 「むっちり」 「ぽっちゃり」 「アジアンビューティー」, for those who can tell the difference). Within the movements of the lip on the movie we wanted to keep that ぽってり feeling, specially in the movement of her lower lips. We aimed to make her waist a representation of her and her to be bathed in positive comments due to that body part.

In this previous set we have illustrations for Rose.
We wanted to give a big time organizer feeling as this is one of those characters that can put up a large tournament. This beauty has fallen into the control of the Harukeshi gang, just like the tournament itself was put together as a mean to achieve their own purposes. (we advise you to take heed on the game movie for those events). At the time of the creation of these sketches we had in mind to make her volume of her figure something terribly dreadful (they use 「縦ロール」 to describer her.... "important features")

The main morfit for her outfit is of course that of a rose themed get up. While her initial design was more or less inspired by red roses, with this new tournament sponsor design we wanted to capture more of a feeling of blue roses, and is exactly that roses the ones that can also be seen in the location meant for the final match and is where the base of operations of the Harukeshi is implied to be located. We think that these outfits are both, elegant and beautiful.
When it comes to these usually minor characters we always want to make a really big difference in appearance from the playable cast, and those introduced in this episode proved a wonderful opportunity which we hope that everyone enjoyed.

- To express our thanks to Mr Kukino and Mr Nishimura as this exclusive double feature proved to be filled with treasure!!
For the next time it's finally the time for our illustrator Ogura to step up into the plate, and find out all of those amazing stories of strong inspirations and sources that produced all of those "beam of getting ideas" to which all the rest of the staff could do nothing but be left in awe each time he did something.
Do not miss the next episode.

Additional Notes on Botan by the Prof:

The second half of the blog shows off documents for the Kanochi team, such as how they look like without their robes, and details on how Botan should look like. The small notes on Botan reads "puffy eyelids", "thick lips", "plump but not fat", "asian look", "leather costume", "ass showing out".

Blog Update. Do these prototype character look familiar?

Imagine if they all could make it in for console release! (O.O)

Neo Geo Battle Coliseum / Re: NGBC General Discussion thread
« on: August 23, 2010, 04:41:05 PM »
Hey guys, just wondering if this game could be helpful for people trying to learn KOF 13. Like are there any similarities between the games or are they too different for a comparison like that?

The one standout oddity that NGBC shares with XIII is that you can actually follow up sweeps with swift "anywhere juggle" moves. (Like Yuki's Sweep->Buffed Submarine Screw, for example).

The second similarity would probably be, for me, the robust use of command normals. You'll find a good deal of Weak->command combos here, and a bit more comboability off them than in most KoFs.

2002UM seems like the preference, however (Kula and K' are almost transplanted directly from 02UM to XIII, BC mode = HD mode), but it's harder for one to get there hands on that... (-_-;;) (Hurry up XBLA port!)

Maxima / Re: Maxima
« on: August 19, 2010, 11:41:59 PM »
I love the music in that video... I was gonna post it in this thread too, but I held back my fanboy urges! (So I posted it on GaF instead... -cackle-) But in all seriousness, it does make me ponder his possibilities in XIII. I believe Kane mentioned his Guard Points don't take (block?) damage, also?

If anyone finds out where there music is from, LET ME KNOW! It's the perfect "Crash! Makishima, a super giant robot, appears!" theme.

The tags for that vid are awesome, BTW.

I wanna see Maxima VS King's Venom Shotgun NM! Or Trinity Geyser!~!! Or VS the Mature Infinite! (this is pushing it.)

Mai Shiranui / Re: Mai Shiranui
« on: August 17, 2010, 12:34:38 PM »
With the roll cancel into HD mode brough up in the General section, this got me to thinking; couldn't Mai make good use of this technique? Could she throw a Kachosen, dash roll cancel into HD Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi (hitting around same time as projectile), HD cancel into mid air Musasabi no Mai, aerial/ground Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi, possibly then into Neomax?

I figure that the tactic may work well for her, due to having a great distanced flying elbow, and the fact that tossing the projectile would cancel out the chance for move overlap between Shinobi Bachi and Kachosen.

Also, is it correct that she's the only character in the game who has an aerial and ground version of a DM, with both being able to be EX'd?

reversal wakeup uppercuts in sf4 are why i'm taking up KoF13 hahahhaha god i hate reversals in sf4. that game is soo frustrating sometimes, its stupid hhahaha

I do like the Risk/Reward balance in KoFXIII, from what I've seen, much more than SFIV.

It appears much more "traditional" than IV's odd systems of FANTASTIC reversal options on some characters, and horrific, barely useable ones on others. The lack of auto correct also is great; one habit I've always loved in other 2D games was to jump in such a way that the opponents wakeup SRK went in the opposite direction from where I jumped. SFIV totally invalidates this.

Is there anyone that lacks a decent reversal in XIII? I can't think of any mentions of characters feeling like they're needlessly missing tools , especially since there are so many useful EX moves. Chin lacks Range, and Takuma lacks a traditional DP, but they obviously make up for it in other areas, and at least have meter-dependent skills (or non-meter dependent combo abilities) that make up for the lacking parts.

In all, I just prefer KoF's approach and defense methods. Even if XIII had auto correct and SRK -> FADC -> Ultra, I'd still feel like the opponent "deserves" the damage he landed on me more, than they do in SF, since I have so many more options on wakeup.

Quick question: Is jump CD in 13? I never liked jump CD in the other games because of it's spamability so I hope it isn't in this one.

Not only are they in this game, but they even restored one (Leona's jump ;c ;d) to it's former glory!

Isn't it just as spammable as any other jumping attack?

A jump CD produces more hitstun on block than normal jump-ins. So it's normally a fairly safe approach method.

However, j.CD's also have more start-up than normal jumping moves, so it's easy to jab/dp people who spam them, moreso on those who use them in a sloppy manner.

Clark Still / Re: Clark Still
« on: August 10, 2010, 07:00:08 PM »
Great to hear Clark's Air throw game still remains! I have to admit, XII's Air throw shenanigans gave me a whole new love for the moves in KoF.

I now only wish Leona gained hers back...

Rather suprised about the  ;dn;b, ;df;a chain, that sounds pretty nice. Maybe I won't miss his old Stomping  ;fd;b command normal as much in this game!

I'd assume you could also super cancel gattling into his UAB as well? Sounds like a good way to land super off distanced pokes now, which is something I wanted for him in XII...

General Discussion / Re: The King of Fighters XIII Video Thread
« on: August 10, 2010, 04:06:29 PM »
what was the link to the site translator for people without nicovideo accounts? i can't see the last video... thanks
Tis what I use.

General Discussion / Re: The King of Fighters XIII Video Thread
« on: August 10, 2010, 12:27:05 PM »
new vid (i think..cant read japanese and google translator just sucks):

Wow, at around 14:40, Fully drunken Chin completly MAULS Iori. That's like, what, 70% life combo off EX Counter? SO dangerous!
Rather enjoyed that vid; it's nice to see people who don't look completly robotic in the way they fight...

While watching some matches from smoai channel, I saw Elizabeth building meter by whiffing her qcf+P.

IIRC in the blog they say that you can't build meter by whiffing moves, ex: If you throw a fireball and your opponent roll or jump over it, the character who threw the projectile will not gain meter, unless the projectile hits or gets blocked.

So would this be considerate a glitch for Elizabeth?

I actually thought this too. But I believe the blog just meant "Fireballs don't build meter if they don't hit someone."

I actually like this though.

You'll also notice that Shen Woo builds meter by CANCELING SHEN WOO PUNCH!! This kinda suprised me.

So all fireballs in the game apparently build no meter, if they don't touch an opponent in some way. Yet other normals will actually build meter if whiffed. So, what does Ryo's Haoh Ken count as? Can Takuma get meter from his :b button fireball-like move, and not his ;a button fireballs? Could grapplers gain meter by whiffing command throws?

Yeah, this needs more research!

Is it so impossible to believe that there will be different styles of play for this game, based on character played, and player in general?

Using HD Mode for combos can be just as effective as doing combos into EX's or supers. If you have a character who thrives on EX's coming up next, you might wanna sacrifice the HD in order to keep the Super Bar for the next chara. Or you might want to use 2 out of 5 Super meters, rather than using and cancels/HD mode, in order to keep a particularly useful Neomax lock and loaded.

Is HP gain after victory determined by the time remaining in this game, as it was in XII? If so, I could see another reason to choose to do a long, elaborate HD combo when losing anyway, rather than burning Super meters.

I don't think HD's fit every style of play, and I could see many choosing to forego such combos all together, but I think the practicality of HD will vary, depending on how apt the character you're playing is to doing damaging combos without HD mode, and on how far you are into your 3-man lineup.

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