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I noticed in some combo videos that Xiangfei can start her A+C DM with the shoulder ram. How is this possible?

Also, why is Vanessa a "0" on the list?

General Discussion / Re: The King of Fighters XIII Video Thread
« on: October 19, 2010, 12:20:32 PM »
I didn't even think Athena's combos could work like that. lol Awesome. Also, I'm loving the KOFXI music.

Neo Geo Battle Coliseum / Re: NGBC General Discussion thread
« on: October 07, 2010, 07:43:59 AM »
When playing against King Lion, he keeps doing a move not in the command list. He slides across the screen, then does two kicks with the same blue energy around his feet like in his punch super move.

Does anyone know how to perform this?

Social Club / Re: Halo Reach Thread
« on: October 06, 2010, 11:33:44 AM »

Vice / Re: Vice
« on: October 01, 2010, 09:12:22 AM »
I'm glad Vice is still pretty good. Has always been my favorite grappler in KOF.

General Discussion / Re: The King of Fighters XIII Video Thread
« on: September 19, 2010, 11:39:08 AM »
Dammit Semi-Final 1 and Grands Finals got taken down due to copyright claim. I didn't get to see them.

General Discussion / Re: The King of Fighters XIII General Discussion Thread
« on: September 08, 2010, 11:12:13 AM »
I need to play this game. I had already decided long before that my team will be Ash, Kensou, Vice. At least till I try out more characters and get a better feel of the game.

Then I could go to a keep away troll team consisting of Athena, Mai, Ash. lol Y'know when I'm just messing around.

Sie Kensou / Re: Sie Kensou
« on: August 19, 2010, 07:28:16 AM »
Wow no love for Kensou.

Anyway, does Kensou's NeoMAX move foward like his Chokyudan specials?

In 2k2UM Tougeki, I can't consistently do Leona's BnB.

D(1), rdp+D, D(2), MAX, D(1), d~u+C, b~f+D>f+D xx V-Slasher

The problem is getting her Moon Slasher to come out after D(1). I'm not sure when I should input the Moon Slasher command. Doing it as fast a possible doesn't help all the time. It comes out fine after D(2) but then the opponent is too far for me to continue the combo unless in the corner.

Chin Gentsai / Re: Chin Gentsai
« on: August 14, 2010, 01:53:40 PM »
Chin has mainly one combo that has many different variations to it.  They all revolve around his df.B and hcf+K.  The key is to learn all of his combo starters and you'll see the pattern soon enough:

a) j.C/D / crossup C
b) s.C / far C
c) d.B, d.A/s.A
d) df.D overhead into Quickie Punch loops x1~3 (d x2+P.P)
e) Counters
f) df.B as an anti air
g) hcf+K for mid projectiles
h) Ex hcf+K for ground projectiles.

a) s.C, (Quickie Punch x1~2), df.B, qcb+A, [DC] hcf+K...
b) df.B, qcb+A, [DC] hcf+K...
c) df.B, qcb+A, [DC] hcf+K...
d) df.B, qcb+A, [DC] hcf+K...
e) (If B or Ex version then) hcf+B, df.B, qcb+A, [DC] hcf+K...
f) version go for df.B immediately
g) df.B, qcb+A, [DC] hcf+K...
h) hcf+B, df+B, qcb+A, [DC] hcf+K...

If you are midscreen (otherwise skip to corner), make sure you do the D version hcf+K then...
1.) df.BD, hcf+B


2.) qcb A,. [DC] hcf+D --> 1.)

If you choose to use the B version, then just do df.B, qcb+A.

After 1.) df.Bx4 (after the first df.B, just press neutral B), s.A/qcb+A/qcb~hcf+A (must drink first)/ Ex qcf x2+P DM

Note: Doing most of the combos mentioned, will yield you 80% of his stock guage!  

If you're near the corner you can do a special variation:

-s.C, df.B, qcb A, [DC], hcf B, (earliest cancel as possible) df.BD, (hcf+B, df.B) x2, df.B, qcb A/DM

-(drink) df.D, Quickie Punch x1~3, qcb~hcf+C, (wire) qcb~hcf+A

-df+D, dx2+P.P, qcb~hcf+C, qcb+A, [DC] hcf+B, Ex df+BD, hcf+B, df+B, qcb~hcf+A 64% damage (3 stocks, 1 drive, 1 drink)

-Chin's overhead does not cancel into BC for some annoying reason, so you're stuck with s.C, HD, s.C... -->

-Although I haven't tried, I suppose you can do d.B, d.A/d.B,  d.BC (does s.C)... -->

-A little more challenging is s.C, Kick Stance.Far D, HD, s.C... -->
The trick is to hold down, neutral C, down D (goes into Kick Stance), Neutral D.  If done correctly he's s.C then far D for a 2 hit combo.

-You can also tack on the Far D after the Quickie Punches: df.D, Quickie Punches x1~3, Far D, HD, s.C... -->

-(EDIT):  You can do s.C, qcb+BC and it'll do his qcb C+HD.  I suppose, but not confirmed, you can do qcb+BC off the Quickie Punches as well.

-Last one I know of, and I can't seem to do it at all is allegedly --> df.BD, dash roll cancel into HD (does s.C), empty cancel the "s.C" into qcb A...(done real fast as the s.C whiffs completely) -->

So here's a HD combo:

-s.C, HD, s.C, qcb A, [HDC] hcf B, qcb A, [HDC] hcf D, (df.B, qcb C, hcf D) x2, df.B x2, qcb C, [HDC] hcf D, df.B x2, s.A, qcf x2+AC DM (without the DM is about 600, with the DM is about 800)

-(EDIT): s.C, HD, s.C, qcb A, [HDC] hcf B, qcb A, [HDC] hcf D, (df.B, qcb C, hcf D) x3, df.B x5, qcf x2+AC DM (789dmg, 36hits)

-(EDIT): s.C, HD, s.C, (qcb A, [HDC] hcf D) x2, (df.B, qcb C, [HDC] hcf D) x2, df.B, qcf x2+P DM [6hits], [MC] qcf x2+BD, df.B, qcfx2+P DM (929dmg, 5 stocks, if you drink it'll go over 1000).

First of all, why Chin?  He's the only small character in XIII yet he doesn't have the typical advantages of being small which is annoying (In XII, he was small enough to duck certain moves without doing anything, such as Robert's forward A which now hits a standing Chin in XIII).  The purpose, is to annoy the hell out of people with the limited, but well thought-out moveset he has.  Although he mainly has one combo with many variations to it, he has many combo starters as mentioned in the combo section (Overhead, d.B combos, hcf+K, df.B as an anti air, counter etc...)

Let's start with far range.  There's not much you can do here except prepare to hcf+K any whiffed moves.  The D version goes about 60% of the screen IIRC, and of course if they have mid fireballs which roughly 1/3 of the cast do, remind them not to mess around with you.  If they have a ground fireball like Terry and Kyo, only his Ex version will be suffice (note, Ryo, Robert and Takuma's HSKK projectile is still consider a mid fireball despite the size).  In the meantime, while near full screen away, steal drinks when you can.  After one or two drinks usually, the opponent will approach you to prevent you from drinking.  

Another useful tool from fireball happy opponents is to use his qcb+B counter to prevent any block damage (Chin triggers his counter but neither party takes damage and the projectile passes through him).  Eventually opponents wise up and will try to punish you if you go for the counter.  Against characters like Robert or Andy, use his punch stance (d x2+P) to crouch under the projectile, if they use any attack afterwards like Zaneiken or Robert's Flying Kick HSPK, cancel his stance into his qcb+B counter--punish him at will.  

Often times you can bait them to throw a mid fireball without them really thinking.  e.g.  Try hcf+D (blocked), qcb+B (blocked).  Chin will proceed to walk backwards.  You'll be surprised how many people try to punish you which is when you remind them about your hcf+K.

Mid range
Now we enter more of Chin's comfort zone.  df.B covers good horizontal distance and as long as you're not dead close--it's not punishable.  Of course if used preemptively, it's a good anti-air and another good anti-air is his vertical j.CD.  Play around with his Far C into df+B and you'd be surprised how effective it is against hops.  Against jump-ins use his qcb+B counter.  On the offense use Far C into df.D, good reach and deceptive.  Sometimes, it's even good to use hcf+K to escape underneath your opponent as they jump towards you.   Be prepared to publish with hcf+K or the Ex version.

Close range  Chin's sweet spot.  Here's when the mix up games begin.  Crossup C and jump B mixups, d.Bs with overheads loops mixups can seriously drive your opponent mad.  When they are tired of your barrage of attacks, let loose a well timed Ex counter and let them think again about attacking.  Don't forget Chin's d x2+P now has a foward+C followup which is a normal C throw.

So you start with a Crossup C, they block it, you can either go for a d.B into overhead, or s.C into overhead, both are relatively safe but they can still throw you if they're paying attention.  If your d.B connects you can go for s.A into df.B or just go for another overhead.  If they block your d.B, d.A/s.A, df.B you should be at the right distance where you get frame advantage and after you land your df.B (putting you back into kick stance), do his A follow up which is a standing A.  

If they start blocking high too much, sweep them with a down D and start the crossup/overhead/d.B/counter mix ups again.  Don't forget, holding df.D or pressing D again does Chin's overhead fake so you can do d.B combos or just throw them.

Sometimes when they wake up it's good to go for his punch stance and either Quickie Punch them/ throw them/ or cancel into his counter.  Don't forget both of his stances cancel into any special.

Let's say they block your overhead, tack on at least one set of Quickie Punches (coming from an overhead, you just tap C but mash d x2 and P after the first set if you wish to continue).  If they block your quickie punch you can go for another overhead (!) or cancel into his kick stance (d x2+K) and jump over them and start attacking once more.

Coming from a Chin user, Chin is real annoying to fight against once you really understand how many different options you have at your disposal.  After some reflection, what's annoying about Chin isn't necessary his damage (which I'd put average damage at best) but simply coz of the sheer amount of time he keeps you juggled is where most opponents get frustrated (it's ok, I get a dose of my own medicine playing against Lizzies) and lose their composure.  You factor in his different options to administer this torture, and you're grinning from ear to ear.

A more advance block string is j.C, s.C, kick stance, cancel into crossup C.   To perform the s.C --> kick stance simply hold down in the air (when pressing j.C), neutral standing C, down+D immediately.  You can even press D again in the kick stance to perform a far D for a 3 hit combo.  To add to the challenge, activate HD on his far D and use the autodash feature (after pressing BC on any normal or command attack your character will run forward briefly.  When you press s.C or s.D it'll cancel his dash so you can carry on your HD combo) and start your favorite HD combo with s.C.

I've spent most of the time talking about block strings and mind-game mix ups since you can read the combo section about what to do if it connects.  Basically...

-As long as I have one drink, I'll try to finish the df.B combos with his qcb~hcf+A.  

-If I have only one power stock, I'll save it for his Ex df.K combos, or his Ex counter (his qcfx2+P DM is pretty much not worth using, and will not connect after his df.B anymore (unlike XII).  

-Make sure you have 1 cancel gauge otherwise it severely limits his options (s.C, df.B, qcb+A, [DC], hcf+K...)

-If you really lack a cancel gauge, go for Quickie Punch into qcb~hcf+C (wires opponent), then perform the light version qcb~hcf+A (but remember to do it the opposite direction due to the wire).  If you don't have another stock do qcb+A then steal a drink after.

-Anytime you connect with qcb~hcf+A, drink away safely (even in the corner).  

-Don't under estimate 5 drinks = 150% damage.  A normal 40-60% combo is now 60-80% (best illustrated here.)

-Under too much pressure and have 3 stocks?  Ex counter, hcf+B, df.B, Ex qcf x2+AC.

-Personally, I don't use NeoMax too much but that can change in the future.

-If I have more than 3 stocks I'll either save it for combos or if I'm playing someone I better finish off (Mr. Kof), extend your df.BD, hcf B loops.  e.g. df.B, qcb A, [DC], hcf+B, (df.BD, hcf+K)x 1~3, df.B x2, Ex qcf x2+AC.

-Full cancel gauge and he opportunity arises, go for his HD which is good considering he does 60%+ damage with no stock.

Finally, I would be doing Chin a disservice if I didn't illustrate a competent Chin user with this video here.

Took me long enough, but I finished my first draft for a mini-FAQ for Chin.

Can you describe what all the moves do? It's been a long time since I played XII.

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