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General Fighting Game Discussion / Re: New Virtua Figher 5
« on: August 26, 2011, 01:06:03 AM »
FINALLY THANK YOU SEGA T_T now my only wish is for a new jet set radio

Saiki / Re: Saiki
« on: August 24, 2011, 08:07:22 AM »
Can't wait to use him

i just hopew the added characters aint as half assed as billy kane and saiki, otherrwise id rather they wait foer kof 14 with the new characters. as much as i want new characters, i can wait if they dont look as good as the rest of the cast.
wait how is billy half assed o_0

tomorrows the big day for GMOTW =)

I just hope this is a lie anyway which he doesnt seem to have any source of that link =/ .botan and ron for dlc would just be weird since their suppose to be on disc since their supposedly bosses

someone at gamefaq posted this saying the story and the dlc characters revealed (apparently he got it at neogaf)


It's obly Eiji at the right, but i dunno, may be rock at the left side.

LOL @ kims foot

The suspense of those two chars is killing me I'd be fine with it if their just alternate version like punch kyo (96)  wish they just gave him both like in XI

It makes me wonder this but I really wish they made saiki look like this (the bride one) wouldve been perfect for him instead of having an ash sprite headswap. oh well least their trying to save money for other things for the game i guess =/

Sign me up for GMOTW.
Characters: Terry, Rock, & Hotaru
GGPO: Sonikku305
ill post connection soon

Im in as well for both games

GGPO username: Sonikku305

Characters used
98: Shingo, Chizuru, Kyo, Iori, Terry, Mai, Athena, Leona, and Ralf
2002: Mai, K', Robert, Mary, Angel, Kula, Kyo, Athena, Leona, Iori and Ralf

Location: California
Speed Result: I will post it later on depends if I use my connection or my cousins lol

Btw somewhere on that stream did I hear something about Garou mark of the wolves? if so if they make another sequel thatd be delicious. Man i wanna see the whole matches of mr kof vs the producer >_<

I dont mind spectator mode anyway its better off you look at your own replays to see what your doing wrong and besides you have to face it that people will find ways to ***** about stuff like this everyday

Yamamoto confirmed that there will be no update for the arcade version.

That really sucks. Can't play anymore KOF in arcades -.-
LOL you can always use the buffed up chars though. besides hasnt it been like that for the other kof games that they never update their arcade version once console release comes out?

sweet im already hyped with all this news today it sure made my day thanks!

wonder whos gonna take on the producer of kof xiii for the tourny =O

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