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SVC Chaos Text Generator Pic Posts

Started by solidshark, July 10, 2011, 11:58:42 PM

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Breaking the fourth wall is fun!

Also, just in case musolini reads these: the sixth picture isn't a "bash on Americans for free" card. Just warning you.

Running Wild


Running Wild


You are doing this intentionally to creep me out. I know it!!


"You had guts kid; now clean them up off the pavement"
-Terry Bogard, 1995


^lol I got that last one

Back in business.


First pic didn't come out like I planned it because of space restrictions  :(

lol Kasumi is so clueless. She doesn't know when she's being hit on!


marchefelix presents:

Stuff Characters from SVC Chaos Would Never Say!

Part 1:

Athena vs. Red Arremer

Ryu vs. Ken

Iori vs. Kyo

Terry vs. Mai

Chun-Li vs. Kasumi

Guile vs. Dhalsim

Poison vs. Hugo

Dan vs. Akuma

Ryo vs. Mr. Karate

Earthquake vs. Balrog

Part 2 coming soon!

Running Wild


Steal more!

Part 2:

Goenitz vs. Tessa

Sagat vs. Vega

Zero vs. Ciel

M. Bison vs. Geese

Choi vs. Kim

Genjyuro vs. Shiki

Mars People vs. Riot Iori

Demitri vs. Violent Ken

Shin Akuma vs. Shin Mr. Karate

God vs. ??? (It's me...)


"You had guts kid; now clean them up off the pavement"
-Terry Bogard, 1995


^My favorites were Geese vs. Terry, Mars People vs. Mai, and God vs. Athena. Good shit, you guys.

Also, I would love it if someone drew a Bison dollar. I cracked up just at the thought of that!

Experimenting with the "no character" option. I looked up a binary alphabet on the Internet to help me with the first image.

Also, the world is not ready for a horny Ciel. And it will never be.


This is the best I ever seen I think, really cool.
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