Author Topic: Opinions on Console-Only Characters  (Read 9109 times)

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Re: Opinions on Console-Only Characters
« Reply #15 on: December 02, 2010, 06:36:28 PM »
You up for a ratio system in OG02 and OG/UM98?  Or are those games balanced enough for you? 

OG02 and OG98 are definitely balanced enough.

UM98 is a bit of a tougher call. The game's really well balanced for the most part. But Krauser is a bit ridiculous, and it would be nice to see more of the less popular characters. But hopefully SNK can resolve those issues with 98UM:Final Edition.

And for what it's worth, when I said "the answer to everything," I was referring mostly to questions of banning non-boss characters, or when the game is clearly imbalanced. I didn't mean it to sound like ALL games should use one.


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Re: Opinions on Console-Only Characters
« Reply #16 on: February 10, 2011, 07:45:36 AM »
console only characters and mid bosses , are ok, with the exception of EX kyo, all seem balanced, and imo jayzu and silver shouldn't be banned before  Gato or Kula since no console or mid boss is more powerful or overpowered than those 2, by the way anyone has good  high level vids including the use of console characters?


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Re: Opinions on Console-Only Characters
« Reply #17 on: June 18, 2011, 09:51:58 PM »
Years ago, something like this already came up and A PS2 tier list (comprending PS2 extra characters, mid-bosses end bosses)

God: Shion
SS: Gato, Kula
S: Oswald, Eiji, Duck, EX Kyo, Kim, Clark
A: Hotaru, Ralf, Kyo, Mr Big, K', Maxima, Jenet, Ash, Gai
B: Terry, Mai, Shen, Malin, Geese, Tung, Ryo, Iori, Duolon, Kensou
C: Yuri, Benimaru, Elisabeth, Jyazu, Silber, Robert, Adelheid, Kasumi, Vanessa, Magaki
D: Mary, King, Shingo, Momoko, Griffon, Ramon
E: Hayate, Whip, Athena

To me maybe EX Kyo is a bit higher but he is considered banned, I believe that Gato and Kula should too...
And yes, Magaki is C tier... He might kick asses, but he, in Arcade AND Arrange, has been nerfed a lot.

- Projectile damage was reduced about 50%
- Normals do... normal damage
- Walking speed is awful (not really a problem, since his dash is much faster)
- Not QS friendly (no moves QS)
- No DMs that hit (only the vanish)
- LDM damage has been reduced to SERIOUSLY LESS than a REGULAR DM, although it retains its properties
- Stun damage was reduced (pink explosions don't have much stun)
- His command move doesn't combo from normals
- No DC.
- Can only have 2 pink fireballs on screen at once, unlike the CPU version.
- In Arrange, blue fireballs disappear when Magaki is hit.

And the Tier is for the Arcade play of the console version
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