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The King of Fighters XIII 3rd |OT| Thread:Console Edition (UPDATE 8/26 1st page)

Started by Kane317, July 29, 2011, 06:17:26 AM

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Quote from: sibarraz on September 02, 2011, 07:36:45 PM
Glad to see that the bottle drinking of Hwa Jai was buffed, maybe now we will see it more on battle

Btw, funny story, I was semi excited because KOF XIII was released on an arcade near my house

But all the hype died when

1) The sticks sucked and you can't pull some things
2) Players discovered that it was a bootleg pc with the game inside, this could be noted when you play on saiki stage where some weird black boxes appear. Until this point I don't know if the arcade operator knew that was a bootleg or if he was so stupid that didn't realized that was a bootleg

Sadly, knowing that place, both options are viable

wtf... XD. Did people demand their money back?


The game is still played actually

I don't know if the bootleg has some influence on gameplay, but the sticks are REALLY bad

Waifu Material


It's the bootleg. For some reason the controls for it are absolutely horrible. I tried playing it with my HRAP and if I didn't know better I would have thought my stick was broken.


In the end, there can only be XIII.


Still mo sweet Chariots, keep on swingin'!


It seems ATLUS is starting to advertise KOFXIII more in their sites.



Also I left some questions at the Q&A topic they have at their forums and got some answers. Nothing gameplay wise, just about the package of the physical game.

Quote from: lol, forums - Atlust Staff
Quote from: DarKaoZI have a question, is there a way for us who didn't make it to PAX to get a hand on one of those KOFXIII Alternative Cover Sleeves?

Specially the PS3 one, since that is the cover I like.

Considering that even the people who did make it to PAX (and to our booth, and played the game) didn't all get one, the answer is sadly no (read: there was a very limited supply). Though, I suppose I can't entirely rule out the possibility of us getting more to do something with later.

Quote from: DarKaoZ
Another question, is it final that there might not be a Special Edition of KOFXIII? Just asking, that way I can just go and reserve already, I was waiting for a possible reveal of a LE edition or something.

I don't think I can say anything is final, especially when regarding the absence of something. However, I've never heard of retailer that doesn't allow you to cancel your pre-order, let alone upsell it, so I wouldn't say there's much risk in placing a pre-order in now.

Nothing ground breaking, but there is still chance for a LE/CE, but nothing is set in stone. Maybe someone else can ask about EX Iori DLC? *looking at SAB-CA* lol


i dont think this game will have a a le package most company's large or small usually release this info within the first couple of weeks of the game being announced not a few months after

i would love for there to be one but as for right now common sense is pointing towards no


Quote from: DarKaoZ on September 03, 2011, 11:29:50 AMNothing ground breaking, but there is still chance for a LE/CE, but nothing is set in stone. Maybe someone else can ask about EX Iori DLC? *looking at SAB-CA* lol


As you can tell, I'd be pretty happy if they just included the Slipcase + Preorder CDs as a nice preorder package together, similiar to the Enchanted Arms Gamedisk + Graphic Novel standard-edition bundle.


The colour edit looks even better than I thought.
The wait is really killing me.
I hope we get some news regarding the remaining DLC in the Tokyo Game Show.


Aiming for 1 character + 1 Stage for DLC, he says.

So bets so far look like:
Iori + His stage, DLC part 1.

Going by Novelist Leaks + Kyo's outfit in game, BODY GA! Kyo + iPhone's Esaka stage!

And Then Mystery Stage + Character.

Saiki got the TFTP HQ as his corresponding stage.
Billy has the clocktower.
Ash has the destoryed Manor.
....Adel has Sky Noah?!?!?! C'mon SNKP, make it true!


I think Ash has the roof of Rose's Stadium, and Elisabeth Team has the destroyed manor.


Quote from: Delta on September 04, 2011, 08:25:54 AM
I think Ash has the roof of Rose's Stadium, and Elisabeth Team has the destroyed manor.

You'd think that, but as the Stages Blog described the Home ruins as: (translated by MMC):

1.- Ash's Stage (Burnt Ruins)
This stage is somewhat mysterious, why is this stage here? what is it about?
Can a clear answer of what was the image of making this stage was and what happened here?

Yamamoto P : Young Ash and Elizabeth lived in this castle. What, 10 years ago? But then everything was raced by a fire and is now in ruins.
"How the fire rose from this place", I think about this as "an image".
A lonely and deserted place that looks impressive, add the representation of the light of the clouds after the rain. A beautiful scene which depicts loneliness.

Though you do make me realize that they didn't include the new coliseum top as a new stage in those 2 blogpost....

C 3


Can we expect SNKP on TGS? They don't appear in exhibitor's list...
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