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RB2 Wiki Information and Template
« on: August 13, 2011, 10:00:00 AM »
Okay guys! So here's the situation. The RB2 wiki is SERIOUSLY lacking in growth and updates. I mostly blame myself, for trying to do everything BY myself mostly and just focusing on these forums. HOWEVER, that's not been very good for progress. SO! I'm hoping some of you would like to volunteer to help out. Every little bit counts! Now obviously, we want things to all kind of look similar. It'd be weird if we had five different character threads that all looked different!

As such, I've modified the KoF XIII Wiki template in order to fit for RB2. The & symbol will be used next to sections only to show the absolutely REQUIRED section for the template. Everything else is optional (but I hope you do so anyway!) Thus far I've got about two others or so helping me with this, but we need this done soon! With 3rd Strike leaving GGPO this month, and RB2 and RBS being included savestates with the new GGPO, I predict RB2 will be making its official appearance on GGPO which should draw in more people. As such, the more info DC has up the better it will be for returning/new players to this game.

Any questions about editing/creating pages on the wiki, any DC staff members should be able to help with. You can PM any of us at any time, or post your questions here. Don't worry, its not as hard as it may seem! A small amount of trial and error (make sure you always use the preview page option) will help you figure it out with relative ease. Good luck to anyone who decides to help out!

Edit: Oh yes and if you wish to start doing wiki editing, drop nilcam a PM and let him know and he'll get you set up with a login and password.


*character image goes here*, yes a character image will go here just to show what page are they on

Upload file, browse image whether it's in the folder/desktop/etc, then go back to the character page, "Edit" then put the tags [[Image:*image name*.png/jpeg/whatever]]

==Gameplay Overview==
This section is used to describe what the character can do and specifically what they're good at, are they proficient with throws/grappling? can they fight well in the corner? can they zone well? do they have unique move set-ups? are they a speedy character or are they slow? etc. Also explain the moves and what/where they excel at, this section is supposed to get people interested about said character and possibly have them in their team.

===Gameplay Notes===

- Info about what the character excels goes here, 4-6 descriptions is usually good enough

- info about what the character succumbs to, once again just a couple descriptions is good

This is the section for normals whether it's jump/stand/crouch

===Blowback Attack===

*image(s) goes here*

'''normal goes here, it's suggested that you abbreviate it but it's not required e.g. st.A:''', input goes here, description goes here, can it be used as an anti-air? does it chain with other moves? is it cancel-able? does it lack range? does it have a slow/fast start-up? note all of it here, this template goes all the normal sections (stand/crouch/jump)

- Cancellable: info goes here, if it isn't cancel-able (Including kara/feint cancels) just erase this part

- Hit Detection: high/mid/low etc

- Damage: Yup that goes here too

*Image goes here*

'''*Move Name here* (*input here*)''' - **description here**

- Can be broken, regular throws can be broken so this will always go here, Air throws also go in this section, they also cannot be broken so be sure to note that

- Hit Detection: Close, throws are always close range

- Damage:

&==Command Moves==
*picture goes here*

'''*Move Name here* (*input here*)''' - **description here**

- Since it's a command normal be sure to describe what the character does when they use it, do they use their arm or leg? is it fast? is it slow? is it kara cancel-able or is it feint cancel-able? does it hit high/Mid/Low? how many hits does it do? which hit is cancel-able? do it combo well from lights (A/B) or strong attacks (C)? does it do a lot of hit-stun? does it have really bad recovery? is it safe or not, once again be descriptive

- *Cancellable specific information goes here*

- Hit Detection:

- Damage:

&==Special Moves==
*picture goes here*

'''*Move Name here* (*input here*)''' - **description here**

- If there is a difference between the weak & strong version be sure to describe it, once again be as descriptive as possible

- *Cancellable specific information goes here*

- Hit Detection:

- Damage:

*picture goes here*

'''*Move Name here* (*input here*)''' - **description here**

- *Cancellable specific information goes here*

- Hit Detection:

- Damage:

If there is another variation of the move simply put the information below the regular version of the move, e.g. Joe's P-Power (D Version)

'''*Move Name here* (*input here*)''' - **description here**

- *Cancellable specific information goes here*

- Hit Detection:

- Damage:

*picture goes here*

'''*Move Name here* (*input here*)''' - **description here**

- Hit Detection:

- Damage:


(FC) - Feint Cancel

(KC) - Kara Cancel

DMG - Damage

Some templates you may end up using

'''No Meter'''


'''S-Power/Yellow Life'''

'''S-Power/Red Life'''


'''FC Combos'''

- Info about tricks and stuff go here, e.g. To do Geese's f+B kara cancel into pursuit etc.

- Character sprite will go here, along with colors


&==Frame Specifics==
*Frame data will go here*

- other pictures and junk will go here

==Links & References==
- You can link Tournament videos here if you want to

'''Training Mode Videos'''
- Training modes of course will go here

[[Category: Real Bout 2]] this goes at the absolute end of the page


All credits for this template goes to Krazykone123 as he made the entire template, I just modified it.
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