Author Topic: Dream Cancel forum rules - READ BEFORE POSTING  (Read 6879 times)


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Dream Cancel forum rules - READ BEFORE POSTING
« on: August 17, 2011, 09:02:03 PM »
Please do not discuss any pirating of software on this board. Disc-Swapping software is fine for playing imports.

Treat other posters with respect. Demeaning remarks, including racism and homophobia, will not be tolerated.

Keep topics in relevant sections. If you feel that a new section is warranted, suggest it to me via PM.

Please avoid double posting. (Kane317's pet peeve)

New members are encouraged to introduce themselves in the Meet & Greet section but this is not mandatory.

We all want a better, bigger SNK scene in the US. I'm hoping Dream Cancel can become that place. Common courtesy and respect will help us to grow by leaps and bounds.