Author Topic: I'm the only one who thinks than......  (Read 1137 times)


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I'm the only one who thinks than......
« on: January 22, 2011, 04:22:32 AM »
The original SNK wasn' that much better than the actual SNKP?

I mean, I hate to compare both companies because the situation that both companies had were way different

SNK was like 50 times bigger than SNKP, the arcade scene was way more mainstream, and lots of other factors

IMO at times the original SNK is very overrated by their own fans, the first years of the neo geo were not that different from the quality of the games, lots of them sucked hard (even though SNK has way more money than now) and the balance slowly changed until the appear of Fatal Fury Special and Samurai Shodown, from then appears the SNK that we love, but still, from that time there was still a lots of games who sucked hard and flopped badly

The only thing that IMO there's no discussion is that back then, the graphics and music were superior from SNK games, but from a gameplay perspective, the situation is similar than SNKP, with some games that are amazing jewels, and lots of horrible games who had already been forgotten

Now, the only time span that I believe that should be praised and that under all accounts was superior than SNKP, is the timespan from 1997 to 2000, in this timespan, we had lots of games who not only showed how good an important was SNK, but also was a period with lots of workers who later will became they guys who will keep alive the genre from the next century

In those years we had KOF 98, 2000, RB2, LB 1/2 SS4, and Garou, games that could be played today and still feel modern (as possible as those games could be)

My point is, at times I think that SNKP gets too much undeserved crap, even from the own SNK fans (they deserve lots of crap, but at times I found too much) I think than SNK was not that much better than SNKP from a gameplay perspective, except from the timespan that I already mentioned

But yeah, comments?

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Re: I'm the only one who thinks than......
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2011, 06:04:48 AM »
You do make a few good points Sibarraz. Given what SNKp had to work with, and what they were working around, they did get a lot of underserved crap. For a company trying to maintain a legacy with a public's shrinking interest and a dying or dead arcade scene, yeah it deserves props. No one will argue mistakes were made, but even some of those are open to interpretations. But despite a lot of things, they did keep things going. Still a yearly KOF up until 2003 or XI was impressive, especially when the fighting scene seemed reduced to the newest 3D or the classic 2D fighter.

Call XII or XIII what you will, but in few companies have I seen that kind of labor of love for a style most critics would've assumed dead and burried. Still 2D? Still sprite-based? Yes. Yes. More please.

Maybe the biggest thing I noticed is the amount of risks Playmore took. To stick to the old (albeit) popular franchises while still trying to innovate with every new game. Most companies moved on from what was, or what we loved.  SNKP most kept alive the spirit of what we loved, and apparently what we still love. Look at the development of XII (time, money, etc.) and tell me I'm lying. Hell, to come back after bankrupcy was ballsy enough.
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