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i dont know...i just dont...know

Started by B1gblack, October 09, 2011, 02:31:04 AM

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im beginning to question if i should even play KoF 13...As much as i play and as hard as i try....so help me god i try so hard...i cannot hit anyone and i cant find anyone that is at my level all i can do is play team chaos...and LOSE! never win just lose....its starting to irritate the mess out of me hardcore....its like all my practicing is for naught....someone for the love god help me -__- i dont want to quit playing this game because i cant win at it....


You don't had other choice, just keep losing until you feel the game

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Pick one or the other:

1.) Quit playing and never improve

2.) Keep playing, work hard, keep trying and you will improve over TIME.

Let the learning process destroy you or inspire you to step your game up. Pick one.

EDIT: This topic has been moved to the training room! :)
"Do not place so much importance on winning. The fight itself has value."



Well I started learning how to play kof 2k2 online. I think my record for the first two weeks was 1-300+. Grind it out man you'll get it eventually. I understand that trying to play 13 is quite a bit harder since it's actually costing you money every play but if you like the game you'll figure something out.


sounds like you need a break from the game.

step 1: wait for console to come out
step 2: grind training mode
step 3: ...
step 4: profit


Big black, don't be too hard on yourself.  Team Chaos/CaliMexicans are among the top players in the US, especially for XIII.


despite what i lot of people say i don't think getting your face stomped in will really help you learn as much as you want especially if your new to the game most that will do is piss you off and cause you to quit the game or punch the other guy in the jaw(just my opinion btw)

but if it's really bothering you i would suggest taking a small break from the game at least until console version comes out


Don't give up! I can understand how you feel, but keep striving to get better and don't be afraid to ask questions of anyone to help yourself out. We're all up to help you out!

Rex Dart

Don't get discouraged. It's really hard trying to pick up a game in arcades, when everyone else has had so much more practice. Keep practicing your combos, never let an opponent's mistake go unpunished, and always try to analyze your mistakes.

When the console version comes out, and you can fight against people who are just starting the game, I bet you'll be amazed at how much higher-level you are.


Don't give up! There are 3 people who are at your level at AA for some casuals.
If you're at LT the people that you should be playing are davidkong,chasiubao, and Raul's student. So come on down and play Djmirror,esbcancel, and some of the locals who're on the 1st stage with you and I'll try my best to give you guys some pointers without having to play you :)
Don't keep putting yourself in a situation where you're bringing a knife into a gun fight. You're expected to lose LOL. There's a lot of room for you to learn but you're going to have to play "real casuals".



Waiting for the console version is best unless you can find someone around your level to play.

Whatever you choose to do always learn from your mistakes. Good luck.
You're too slow!!