Author Topic: So is SNKP Going to do a PSN or Xbox Live Release of King of Fighters XIII?  (Read 2226 times)

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Everyone knows that SNK games are rather difficult to come by at retail.  Everyone also knows that most Atlus games are hard to come by at retail.  So after the initial print run, is SNKP going to put this on the online marketplace?

I personally would double dip on this just so I can have it on my hard drive and use the disc to take to friends.


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Overseas maybe if fans are interested but in japan digital releases are not as popular. 


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if they do it wont be for a long while

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Suggest the idea to Atlus, if you think it would be good for sales.


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Uh, maybe, but it will take a long damn time unless it's like instant classic status (like Red Dead Redemption which seemed to show up within like 2 weeks).

I mean, Vanilla MvC3 just got put on XBL like a week or two ago.  You wanna wait 7 months for KOFXIII?
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Digital release on PSN Store and XBL would increase sales!!  It is also great for those that might not find a copy at retail and save more money too.

Digital release has many advantages:   

1. infinite supply, so it's easy and fast to buy one.
2. usually cost less than a disk copy.
3. easy and fast to replace.  Corrupt file?  Redownload it for free!
4.  Usually a fully installed game on harddrive loads faster than partial install. 
5.  Digital market is more accessible globally and faster to buy and start playing than having it delivered or searching for a local store that has it.
6.  Since digital market covers a wider market of buyers, it would help KOFXIII receive more customers and sales.
There are parts in the world where KOFXIII might not be sold, but with online access, more people will be able to buy and play it!

Since SNKP is cashing in on the Neo Geo Station series, I would think a KOFXIII digital release on PSN and XBL is possible perhaps at some point.