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Aragami Punish Guide
« on: June 07, 2013, 05:51:06 PM »
Myself and another member compiled a list of punishes you can do with every character if you block EX Kyo's qcf+A either alone or after a blockstring. It was originally in this thread but I felt it needed a thread of it's own to make it more visible.

I'd like to point out, if anyone has any punishes that weren't listed or if you notice any of them are incorrect, PLEASE reply and they will be added.

Oh BTW, if anyone wants to make a list of moves that can hit Aragami on whiff, please do so!

Max close range:

Normal Kyo- DP+A, DP+AC (both only if Aragami is done close), HCB+BD (have to be extremely close, or you could try to run up and do it, but it's not really a punish then), EX Orochinagi

EX Kyo- All DPs (bit more leeway than Normal Kyo, though DP+AC at max range only hits once), EX HCB+K, Final Showdown

Benimaru- DP+B, DP+BD (DP+B can do it from a good range), All Iageris (EX Iageri from almost max distance can do it), EX Raikouken (also almost max distance)

Daimon- HCB,F+AC (have to be decently close), All HCBHCB+P (range is less for the normal variants, EX version works from about intermediate to a bit long).

Terry- All Rising Tackles (have to be close, and A/C Rising Tackles only do one hit unless EXTREMELY close), st.B (I'm not joking...this is pretty much all he has, thankfully it can go into other moves).

Andy- All DP's from close/middle range, Neomax, cr.B (uh...yeah, need to be fairly close obviously).

Joe- All Bakuretsukens (Normal ones have to be close, EX from a fairly good distance works), Ranbu DM (from a fair distance as well), Neomax

Ryo- HCB+B (needs to be close so the initial strike lands), all DPs (need to be close)

Robert- EX DP (close), Neomax, cr.B

Takuma- A Ranbu from close...I'm serious...that's it.

Mr. Karate- All DPs (close, EX a bit more range), QCFQCF+K (close to intermediate), A/EX Ranbu (close), Neomax

Claw Iori- A/EX DP (close to intermediate), All Yaotomes (normal from close to intermediate, EX up to near max range), Neomax (close)

Flame Iori- C/EX DP (close), Yamisogi DM (up do the max range of the DM), EX Yaotome (near max range)

Mature- All Nocturnal Rites (close), st.B

Vice- EX Gorefest (farther than you'd think), EX Negative Gain (close to intermediate), st.B

Elisabeth- Grand Rafale (intermediate)...that's it

Duo Lon- EX Rekka (max range of rekka), f.AC (intermediate), EX Ranbu (intermediate)

Shen- ...yeah...pray you're in range for cr.B so you can HD...other than that...

Kim- B/EX Flash Kick (B is intermediate, EX can go up until the max range of the kick), EX Ranbu (near max range), Neomax (near max range), far D (actually from a good distance, pretty relevant for Kim).

Hwa- EX TNT Punch (close), All Dragon Dances (normal from close, EX from near max range), Drunk A Dragon Backbreaker (decently close)

Raiden- EX Head Crusher (decently close), All Super Raiden Drops (Normal is close, EX from intermediate)

Mai- EX Ryuenbu (intermediate), EX Flame Elbow DM (near max range), Neomax

King- EX Trap Shot (close), Neomax, st.B

Yuri- EX Ranbu (close), st.B (yeah, will rarely land unless hella close)

K'- A/EX Crow Bites (A is close, EX is intermediate)

Kula- All Crow Bites (A is close, C is intermediate, EX is near max range), EX Diamond Edge (intermediate), Neomax, st.B (long enough poke that goes into EX Lay Spin, thus relevant)

Maxima- EX Double Vapor Cannon (all ranges, thank god considering that's the only thing he has to punish)

Athena- A/EX Psycho Sword (around intermediate for both), EX Shining Crystal Bit (close), cr.C (again, good enough range to be relevant)

Kensou- B DP (close), cr.D

Chin- QCB+AC (far), EX Head Spin (close) (more people should probably test with Chin, I'm not the best judge of knowing what the hell to look for with him).

Ralf- A/EX Gatling Attack (far), All Vulcan Punches (close)

Clark- EX SAB (intermediate), All UAB (around intermediate for normal, a bit further for EX)

Leona- C/EX Moon Slasher (intermediate for C, far for EX)

Billy- uh...yeah, same problem as Shen, possibly even worse.

Ash- All Flash Kicks (intermediate), All Pluviose (around close to intermediate), Sans-Culotte (close)

Saiki- B/EX Flash Kick (close), Flash Kick DM (close)

Blockstring punishes:

1.) d.bx2, st.b, qcf+A


2.) cl.C, f+B, qcf+A

With the second blockstring, a player with meter can just guard roll that f+B and punish appropriately.

Listed is every character with every move (normal, special and/or neomax) they can punish EX Kyo's Aragami (qcf+A) at the end of the blockstring. I chose the following blockstrings because they give EX Kyo the most space after the Aragami is blocked.

Normal Kyo:
1.) neomax, dp+AC, qcb~hcf+AC (?)
2.) GCR the F.B

1.) st.B, qcf+D, dp+B, qcfx2+AC, qcf+BD
2.) -

1.) st.B xx hcb~f+AC, st.B xx hcb+B xx f+A
2.) -

1.) st.B xx HD, d~u+AC
2.) -

1.) neomax
2.) neomax

1.) qcf~hcb+P, neomax
2.) neomax

1.) cr.A, qcb+AC
2.) -

1.) d~u+BD
2.) -

1.) qcfx2+K, cr.D
2.) -

1.) qcb+B, s.D
2.) -

1.) neomax
2.) neomax (close to the corner)

1.) -
2.) -

Mr. Karate:
1.) qcfx2+D (?), neomax
2.) neomax

Ex Iori:  
1.) qcf~hcb+AC, cr.D
2.) qcf~hcb+AC

Claw Iori:
1.) cr.D, qcf~hcb+AC, runup hcf+P, or hcf+AC
2.) -

1.) qcfx2+P, qcfx2+AC
2.) -

1.) -
2.) - (could try dp+AC but you may get anti aired

1.) qcf~hcb+P
2.) -

Dou Lon:
1.) qcf+AC, qcb~hcf+AC
2.) -

Shen Woo:  
1.) st.B
2.) -

1.) d~u+B, st.B, d~u+BD, neomax
2.) -

Hwa Jai:
1.) qcfx2+BD, st.D
2.) -

1.) far D
2.) -

1.) st.B, qcb+AC, neomax, qcb~hcf+BD
2.) neomax, qcb~hcf+BD

1.) neomax
2.) neomax

1.) -
2.) -

1.) -
2.) -

1.) dp+AC, st.B, qcfx2+AC, neomax
2.) neomax

1.) qcfx2+AC
2.) qcfx2+AC

1.) dp+A
2.) -
1.) cr.D
2.) -

1.) qcb+AC
2.) -

1.) cr.D, b~f+A, b~f+AC
2.) -

1.) d~u+AC
2.) -

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