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Re: Joe Higashi (Console)
« Reply #210 on: December 02, 2014, 07:27:07 PM »
Hi all,

I have a question that I have been trying to figure out an answer to for a while. I noticed it appearing in the video that raisedbyflinches created dealing with bakuretsuken blockstrings. The question is about blockstrings similar to the one done at 1:40 of this video:

(I tried linking the time, but the embedded video didn't take it :()
[KoF13] Joe Higashi - Practical tips

j. ;c -> st. ;c -> ;df ;b -> bakuretsuken. Another example of a variations I've seen haregoro do is st. ;a ->  ;df ;b -> bakuretsuken. Whenever I try to do a blockstring involving any punch attacks into slide into bakuretsuken, it results in extra bakuretsuken punches coming out, making the blockstring not as good.

In my testing if you do  ;a/ ;c ->  ;df ;b ->  ;a ;a ;a (3 punches), no mash punches comes out. If you do  ;a/ ;c ->  ;df ;b -> ;a ;a ;a ;a (4 punches) then extra punches come out. I'm wondering what the inputs are for doing this. Does anyone have any info?


EDIT: Talked to the creator of the video and we figured out how to do this. No numbers or anything, but what determines geting the minimum number of punches out of the bakuretsuken in this situation or not depends on how quickly you input the punches after the slide. If you input four punches immediately after the slide is input, only the minimum amount of punches should comes out. If you do it slowly, it'll for some reason count your punches before the slide as additional punches and will elongate the bakuretsuken.
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Re: Joe Higashi (Console)
« Reply #211 on: January 17, 2016, 08:31:29 PM »
I've tried doing this before and failed but i've now succeeded in linking together j.C s.D f.B hcf.A s.A f.B hcf.B 3*P-qcb.P 3+*P(2 hits juggle)-qcb.P j.D for 466 meterless damage. Yo toptiers!

You could go into stun combo this way and it might just require one drive for stun so i'll look into that. It might unlock an actually useable although unlikely kill combo for joe as he might actually have the drive to go for double stun.

*Turns out that i was mightily optimistic. It gets nowhere near to being able to stun with just one drive but the damage is still massive.
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