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Ryo Sakazaki (Console)

Started by nilcam, December 06, 2011, 06:04:02 AM

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;a = Light Punch
;b = Light Kick
;c = Strong Punch
;d = Strong Kick

* = EX version possible

Tomoe Nage - ;bk/ ;fd+ ;c/ ;d

Command Normals
Hyochuwari - ;fd + ;a

Jodanuke - ;fd + ;b

Gedanuke - ;df + ;b

Special Moves
Kohken - ;qcf + ;a / ;c *

Koho - ;dp + ;a / ;c *

Hienshippukyaku - ;hcb + ;b / ;d
 ∟ ;b / ;d (Second hit, ;d version only) *

Zanretsuken - ;fd ;bk ;fd + ;a / ;c *

Desperation Moves
Ryukohranbu - ;qcf ;hcb + ;a / ;c *

Haohshokohken - ;fd ;bk ;hcf + ;a / ;c

Tenchihahoken - ;qcf ;qcf + ;a ;c

Ryo's Wiki entry.

Console changes:
- Ryo travels more forward when doing his Ko’ouken.
* Ryo’s parries" the Joudannuke (f+B) and Gedannuke (df+B) are faster (shorter overall frames). Gedannuke in particular is very fast and it can even be used for strings. (by canceling normals)
* Fierce Zanretsuken (f~b~f+C) recovers faster on a hit. It can be comboed to a weak Kohken (qcf A) in the corner.
* Standalone f +A Hyouchuuwari (meaning, not from a cancel) comes out faster.
- Weak Koho’s (dp+P) rising time/hit detection time has been reduced. But the move itself is faster, so it can be used for more various occasions.
* Weak Koho can be drive canceled and allows for juggling.
- Haou Shoukouken (f~hcf+P) comes out faster. It can be comboed from a normal fierce, or even be used as an anti-projectile.

Producer Yamamoto says: We’ve mainly buffed up his defense, and it brings justice to his nickname “The invincible dragon”. Ryo’s unique moves, the Joudannuke and Gedannuke, have been dramatically changed. His Gedannuke is especially fast, and aside from using it for defense, it can also be used to reduce his recovery on attacks. His Weak Koho’s motion is also faster than before, and it can be used in HD combos.






Quote* Ryo’s parries" the Joudannuke (f+B) and Gedannuke (df+B) are faster (shorter overall frames). Gedannuke in particular is very fast and it can even be used for strings. (by canceling normals)

I'm curious. Does this actually combo?
d.B, d.C, df+B, s.D, hcb+K

The Fluke

Quote from: Aenthin on December 14, 2011, 04:06:40 PM
Quote* Ryo’s parries" the Joudannuke (f+B) and Gedannuke (df+B) are faster (shorter overall frames). Gedannuke in particular is very fast and it can even be used for strings. (by canceling normals)

I'm curious. Does this actually combo?
d.B, d.C, df+B, s.D, hcb+K

I've tried and tried and i've found that timing affects positioning and so on.. But i can't find a way to link even light attacks after a heavy cancelled into gedannuke. I actually think he meant that it can be used for block strings/frametraps and mixups. Slightly off from that though; If you parry claw Ioris sweep you can stand D him afterwards and he will still be in recovery. It does not work against godly sweeps like Kensou's. Can't even link light attacks it seems.

What i do think could work very well is C+D cancelled into gedannuke to keep the pressure up afterwards. It is technically possible, i just don't know how much advantage it yields, if any.


that's because you can cancel his parry into a special, normals must be linked and faster ones will mostly recover in time.
In the end, there can only be XIII.


Still mo sweet Chariots, keep on swingin'!


The low parry works great in conjuction with his strong poking game. His pokes hit hard and reach far so you can cancel moves for quicker recovery and keep on with the pressure. Due to the range on his pokes (like far standing and crouching D), cancelling them when used at a good distance keep Ryo comfortably out of their reach. Since the recovery is much faster with cancelling you can easily punish them if they rolled through your attack.

Dunno how negative or punishable the parry is overall when used for cancelling purposes but by the looks of it only really fast moves would be able to punish it it, if at all, when used intelligently and at a proper distance.

So yeah, its a tool for pressure and not combos.


I'm really liking rto, he has good presure tools, and his combos are semi decent, he works great as a battery

Also I noticed that here is way more easier to link his croucking b into crouching c or standing c

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Thanks for the vid.

Its so quite in this thread.

Ryo has been extremely good to me, I run him as anchor on a regular basis. I think he works great in any position, since he works really well off little or a lot of meter. Still consider his pokes and poking game to be some of the most solid in the game.

The only drive cancel combo I've find good for him is somewhat close to the corner (hcb+BD pushes them far):

sC, hcb+BD, dp+C [DC] hcb+D, dp+C

Almost 50% damage for little meter.

Also use a relatively simple HD combo for him that does 966 damage, also works about half a screen away from the corner or less:

sD, f+A HD sD, f+A, hcb+BD, [dp+C [DC] hcb+D] x2, dp+C, qcf hcb+P, neomax

If you exclude the neomax then you end up with over 730dmg iirc. Even if you don't do the super and continue with specials you get great damage for HD+1 meter.

I'm finding myself using sC into f+A more than sC into fireball for pressure often times. I know its reversal punishable, which is what mixing it up is for, but it is an always on easy hit confirm into a super or HD. It also does more damage than an A fireball.


Have any of you got any tips against Andy? I can point out what most of my problems are, most of it involves random crossups to meterless BnB and eating random tackles. The most I can think of is to AA when possible to stop crossups. Are his tackles punishable at all? I think the light ones are safe if spaced right.

But the thing I'd like to know most is how to take advantage of knockdown against Andy. I know Andy has a DP, but what are the best ways to bait it and when do I know I can safely bait it? Also, a good punisher would be great, I'm using Ryo on point, so maximizing one bar of meter midscreen would be the best answer for me.

As for Ryo in general, I find this character to be really fun, I'm surprised more people don't use him. Kohkens feel almost OP if used right.


I hope you're creating a wall of offense around yourself via his far standing D, far standing C and and courching C. All excellent pokes that hit really hard and are cancellable. The guy basically hits like a truck.

On wakeup go for meaty standing D, max range meaty crouching D and meaty CD. Make sure to cancel the these into a fireball or df+B for quick recovery (if they roll through the meaty you will still be able to punish). Doing these meaty will beat or at least trade with what Andy can do. If you're opponent is being predictable on wake up then you can go for a parry punish as well. Standinig D into f+A is great, you can always hit confirm into a super or HD. Don't forget to throw in the occasional f+A overhead into super as well, keeps them on their toes.

Andy's fireballs are useless since you can just parry all day and inch you're way forward if you want. You can also ex super through his fireballs.

By tackle I guess you mean his HCF+K move? The move can be safe on block but can at the very least be thrown on block. If he gets thrown then great, if he breaks the throw then you still create some distance from him. If you see the move coming then you can always roll and punish from behind, you can often just crouch under the D version and he will land right behind you for a punish. You can also neutral jump and attack Andy on his way down. You can also poke him out of the air as well. DPs will work too, Ryo's C version has invincibility (EX version too). Haven't tried them yet but you can also try reversal dp+A and qcb+B on block, those moves are really fast.

For damage I do the basic sD, f+A, ranbu or fireball super. Fireball super is easy because you just have to input hcf+P after the f+A hits, it does less damage than the ranbu but by a very measly amount.


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Hwa Jai's main weakness appears to be range and getting in, he has to get in to be effective and unlike Joe he does not have a hurricane or slash kick to give him that forward moving range.

Keep him at bay with your pokes (far sC, sD etc) and set up a wall of fireballs so he won't be able to get in properly, just make sure to not spam so you don't get hit by the super. If he gets jumpy or starts using those crescent kicks then you have your cr.C, parry and invincible DP.

On wakeup he needs to commit to a dp or super for reversals, all very punishable, so depending on how careful your opponent is you may take the initiative on his wakeup. Remember that all of Ryo's far standing normals and sweep are cancelable so use them at max range into fireballs or low parry, this will reduce your chances of getting hit by the 1 frame grab super.


Thanks Diavle, I had to try it

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