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;a = Light Punch
;b = Light Kick
;c = Strong Punch
;d = Strong Kick

* = EX version possible

;fd / ;bk + ;c / ;d

Command Normals
One Inch Punch - ;fd + ;a

Special Moves
Eins Trigger - ;qcf + ;a / ;c *
  ∟ Second Shoot - ;fd + ;b
  ∟ Second Shell - ;fd + ;d
  ∟ Blackout - ;dn \ ;bk + ;b / ;d

Blackout - ;qcf + ;b / ;d *

Minute Spike - ;qcb + ;b / ;d (ground or air) *
  ∟ Narrow Spike (ground variant only) - ;qcb + ;b / ;d

Crow Bites - ;dp + ;a / ;c *
  ∟ Crow Bites Plus (C version only) - ;fd + ;d

Desperation Moves
Heat Drive - ;qcf x 2 + ;a / ;c

Chain Drive - ;qcf ;hcb + ;a / ;c *

Hyper Chain Drive - ;hcb x 2 + ;a ;c

K's Wiki entry.

Console changes:
*EX Ein trigger > 2nd shoot properties have been changed. The projectile hits twice and gradually increases in speed.
-Hit box and attack frames have been altered on j.B and j.D
*Air minute spike anywhere juggles
*Recovery improved on minute spike
-Recovery lengthened on Ein trigger includes 2nd shoot/2nd shell
-Recovery lengthened for narrow spike when blocked
-Weak crow bites has less invincibility. Note that it is only upper body invincible.
-Minute spike properties changed (includes air). Move initiates at a consistent speed regardless of distance to the opponent.
*EX chain drive has special hit properties.

Producer Yamamoto says: Although there are several nerfs, it is possible to score extra damage using air minute spike and the special hit properties on chain drive which was not possible in the arcade. Youll be able to make up for the nerfs by jumping on chances to aggressively score additional damage. Worthy of special mention EX 2nd shoot has been changed. It was often used to zone, but can now be used to gain the initiative from long distance.



He is still boss:

KOF XIII K' simple console idea combo video...

Well all the everywhere juggles help his cause.


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