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A Beast of Prey - The K' Matchup Thread


I don't see any characters match up threads beside Andy so I thought that would be ok to start one so I'll go and try my best to add all the information in one post from everyone etc.

So...I'll start first
What does everyone think of K' vs Andy match up? 50/50 Even? 60/40 Andy's favor? Let it rock!

Well, I'm not doing much productive stuff so I'll add my two-cents and hopefully someone else will as well.

Andy vs. K' - 50/50 Skill based match-up

In my opinion, fighting against Andy is a skill based match-up. He does not have an advantage over K' and vice versa. It will really depend on what type of Andy they like to play, if you're aware of what you can punish, and doing so. Andy's Kuuhadan Braking puts him in a position where you can d.B him right after. I prefer to throw. Your st.C and st.D are much too slow to use to punish a combo intensive Andy that's going in for special block strings so stick to normals like d.B to stuff most things. If he does not break Kuuhadan, you can pretty much st.C (again, you have to do this earlier than it looks) into full combo, but I usually would d.B again because it's safer.

Andy can also be played for his fireball game. You want to avoid or neutralize his fireballs, but pay attention to his meter. His EX fireball won't be neutralized unless you do an EX fireball or super. This is one of the times K' can win with his Chain Drive super because it has fireball invincibility. Use it when Andy gets too liberal with his fireballs and nail him. You get a knockdown and can get in his face.

After talking with metaphysics, you can also note there are times where he's not safe that K' can take advantage of in totality. If he does Kuuhadan or Kuuhadan breaking, you can get a free combo from a low B. It's safer to go for the low B. If timed properly, you can punish just about all attempts to DP afterwards with low B before it even comes out.

It's also important to note where you can guard cancel roll with Andy. His st.C is a great punisher and will beat out most of your normals because it's 3 frames. His blowback is also really fast and allows him to whiff cancel it into more fireballs. However, using guard cancel roll, you can get through that at the right time. Say for example if you GCAB after his st.C and make him whiff f+A, he's at a huge disadvantage. That normal's not safe at all. The only thing that makes it safe in a blockstring is when you block it. If you have the meter to follow up for a full combo, there your chance. I wouldn't GCAB when someone does Kuuhadan unless you know they're going to go for the full Kuuhadan. If they break all the time, throw'em. You can throw him out of it.

For punishing his Zaineken, I'd sweep with K'. His sweep is really long range and if you whiff it, you can cancel into fireballs.

If you can get Andy into the corner, I'd try to corner him with a dash mix up like run up d.b x2, run up again, but hop into an over head. Keep him guessing, but use safe normals so that if he tries to DP, he can't. As far as I know, his light DP has no lower body invincibility so you can poke him out of it on a trade.

Since someone started up so I'll give some tips about what I know of this

K vs Leona

EDIT:I just came back from work so I'll add more later after getting some rest.

-Watch out Leona's short/hyper hop A which it's an instant overhead because if it connects she can go for V-Slasher or X-Calibur
-This is something I see some of Leona players, if they hit two/three crouching B's they'll always go and delay a crouching D. Crouching D is weird hitbox because it can be used as an antiair =/
-K Dash EX Blackout goes through her moonslashes and Orbs (EX as well)
-Orbs/Earring Bomb can be beaten by Chain Drive
-When Leona have at least 1 meter, never go for a Fireball keep away since her air super will goes through and you will eat alot of damage. It'll also beat EX Ein Trigger as well
-Go to training mode and pick Leona as the dummy and record her moonslash (all versions) A ver. can be beaten by certain spacing (like it'll hit you but it will not with the animation but the hitbox is not where the blade hits you) with Ein Trigger, C Ver. has slower start up but better range & EX has better start up and range. I think EX have some invincible frames on start up? (I have to check this out later)
-Her Forward+B is a overhead if she does the move by itself but if she does it in the middle of combo from standing C then you can just block it from crouching.


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