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Submissions, questions, comments and feedback should be posted here.

I feel we should really test out the properties of his moves in detail. At face value a lot of this stuff is very interesting, like Ein Trigger => Second Shoot having some sort of invincibility on start-up.

Also, we no longer have to depend on ....=>[HDA] st.C (1), qcf+A as a combo starter in midscreen. For example, you can do st.C, f+A [HDA], st.C, f+A ~delay~ qcb+Dx2 (quickly). You can actually buffer it pretty well and it connects midscreen even off a jump-in. I think this should be the standard as it does more damage with no meter.

Added in some changes to the wiki for K' which included editing some of his specials with the changes that are apparent for the moves. I also added in whether the moves cause hard knockdown or not. I didn't do that for normals though.

In the Narrow spike section, I added the uses of doing st.C, f+A into (qcb+D)x2. Let me know if I'm missing something.


Note: When reading frame data, remember this: Start up frames are the frames it takes BEFORE the move becomes active. So it'll be active on the very next frame.

NameDmgHitstunStartupRecovery framesst.A253F4F+2Far A253F4F+1d.A253F4F+2j.A453F8FN/Ahop A4038FN/Ast.B303F5F+1Far B303F4F+1d.B303F5F+1j.B453F4FN/Ahop B403F4FN/Ast.C (1)406F5FN/Ast.C (2)304FN/A-8Far C707F6F-11d.C707F10F-9j.C727F9FN/Ahop C707F8FN/Ast.D707F7F-6Far D807F8F-10d.D807F9F-8j.D707F10FN/Ahop D6879FN/ACD751014-6j.CD908F10FN/Ahop CD808F10FN/A
Command Normals

NameDmgHitstunStartupRecovery framesOne-Inch (Combo'd)604F15F-6One-Inch (1)7512F22F-2GCCD40F13F-15

Dark Chaotix:
Is the recovery frames on hit or on block the same?


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