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Greetings from Montreal!

Started by BZ Choy, December 11, 2011, 12:27:45 AM

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BZ Choy

Hi there!

I just bought KOF XIII two weeks ago and so far, I like it! Been playing the KOF series and other SNK games like FF and SamSho since a while ago but never beyond casual/newb level. XIII's gonna be my first game I'll take seriously or at least semi-seriously. Right now, I'm messing with Leona, her moveset looks cool.

Is there any Montreal player out there too?
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Hello and welcome to Dream Cancel Choy, it's a pleasure to meet you
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Welcome Choy. You can try to find some players in the offline matchmaking section of the forums.
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Welcome to DC!
Never a better time to get into KOF than now :)

Sounds like you might want to try setting up a Montreal/Eastern Canada thread in the section pointed out by Solid above.

Rex Dart

Nice to meet you, Choy!

Leona is definitely a great choice. What attracted you to KOF (or SNK)?

BZ Choy

Well, what attracted me to KOF is that it has style, characters are interesting, the 3v3 gameplay is exciting... and Mai. I remember when I first saw her in the FF anime back in the 90s lol. And then, I saw some tournament footage of 98UM at SBO commented by Ken Bogard. That was when I saw that high level KOF was interesting and quite fast paced too.

Back in the days, I was messing around with SamSho and I really want that franchise to be revived just like KOF XIII. Now, I haven't played Edge of Destiny yet but all the feedback I read so far were negative and gameplay footage weren't very convincing.

I must say though that I didn't know that FF, SamSho and KOF were SNK series until I played CvS1. I was a kid, I never bothered to watch intros, I just wanted to play lol.
KOFXIV: Mui Mui/Athena/Mai