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NeoMaxx 3v3 Teams Tournament Results

Started by THE ANSWER, January 29, 2012, 09:17:11 PM

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Hi guys, thanks for coming out yesterday I had a lot of fun hope you guys did too. Congratulations to the winning team DAT Ash. I hope we can do a tourney like this again in the future. Here are the full results:

The King of Fighters XIII
16-man bracket

1 DAT Ash
2 NeoMaxx
3 Team Chaos
4 Ball So Hard
5 Charly Sheen
5 El Fuerte
7 No Mames we
7 Heartagram
9 Atlus
9 Ball Too Hard

and here is how the teams were composed.

Team Name   Player1/Character   Player2/Character   Players3/Character
NeoMaxx   Oscar/Yuri   Romance/Saiki   BALA/Claw Iori
No Mames We   Tony/Liz   Sam/Shen   Jason/Kula
Ball too Hard   Darryl/Shen   Thomas/Kyo   Andy/Andy
ball so hard   Tau/Terry   Henry/Kensou   Dustin/King
DAT Ash   Mr.KOF/Ash   Reynald/Mr.Karate   CMD Duc/Shen
Team Chaos   Chris/Claw Iori   Raul/Andy   Pepe/Kula
Atlus   Yu Namba/Ralf   White Rob/Hwa   Kapwam/Kim
Charlee Sheen   David Kong/Vice   Aaron/K' Dash   Phones/Ex Kyo
El Fuerte   Ricardo/Takuma   Miguel/Clark   Pedro/Shen
Heartagram   Soma/Ex Iori   Omar/Ralf   Cesar/Yuri

Thanks to Offcast and LevelUp for providing a great and high quality stream and Yu Namba and Atlus for supporting this event. I Also want to thank Mike Watson and Super Dojo for letting us use their venue to host the event and to Dreamcancel.com, snk-capcom.com, orochinagi.com and iplaywinner for helping promote the event.


Really fun tournament, and great job running it. I thought they would be problems with button configs but it was near seamless. Hope to see more of this style of tournaments.

You guys really gotta study up on some Mr. Karate or there will be big trouble come next tournament.

Really like how Mr. KOF held it down with the basics when put on point with Ash.