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Been here before, but gone for a long time. Now back again

Started by fujifujifujifuji, February 06, 2012, 01:53:46 PM

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It occured to me that I haven't make a proper introduction. Here goes: HI! I'm from Indonesia, but currently studying in the Philippines. My KOF XIII is just gathering dust here for the past year because my X360 is back home ^^ but I got friends here, and at least they let me play a match or two.

Oh, and I'm a budding artist...please be gentle with me. With that said, anyone here from Indo?
Dude, Relax!


sup bro welcome back again and if you posted any of your art anywhere i would love to see it



Welcome to Dreamcancel ^_____^....Hope you enjoy it here
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Welcome (back) to Dreamcancel. Hope you get to have more matches out there.
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