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so this is it

Started by 4FIVE, February 08, 2012, 10:40:00 AM

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whadap guys, my name is Shae, im not completely new to this series, 98um was my favorite. played it a lot with my cousin back when we were younger, but with KOFXIII being so damn good, and is a honest fighting game, im going to play this seriously, i was told by a bunch of people from a stream to come here to get all info/basics and they were right. ive improved a lot. i have fundamentals from other fighters such as STII TURBO SF3rdstrike & SF4. so hopefully my stay here drastically improves my knowledge and game. looking forward to it, trying to make this scene much more known


Yep, this is it. Glorious isn't it?

Welcome to DreamCancel Shae. Glad to hear you're loving XIII and trying to help the scene. The fundamentals from other fighters will certainly help, but don't be afraid to branch out, experiment and use all the systems to the fullest. As it's an honest fighting game, the rewards will will be very satisfying. Hope we can keep you improved and on your toes with some matches too.

Enjoy the site sir.
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im currently experimenting which each character until im really settled with who i love, so far tho i been spending a lot of time in the clark and yuri sections of the forums, im currently in North Jersey the Tri-State NY area and we are trying hard to start a scene out here. This game needs to be played, its very rewarding and satisfying. Thanks for the welcome and Im hoping to contribute and ride along in any way I can,