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Address: Arcade Legacy
662 Cincinnati Mills Dr.
Cincinnati, OH 45240

Phone: 513-874-8766



Hey guys, this weekend is the start of the next ranbat season at Arcade Legacy, which includes KOFXIII as a main game! If you've never been to AL, it's the central hub for fighting game players in Cincinnati, as well as a home-away from home stomping ground for Dayton, Columbus, and various surrounding areas. Entry is cheap ($10) and covers the whole day with no extra fees.

They've just moved to a new location inside a mall, which means food within walking distance (though the mall is in the progress of being renovated so not a ton of stuff), and yes you can bring outside food to the venue, though they have drinks and snacks as well. There's a surprising amount of space in the new location. I think 8 dedicated setups with ASUS 'Evo' monitors, plus extra ones on top of that probably. Ping pong tables, classic arcade games. They have Vampire Savior on cab with good comp at any time of the day. Here's the link to the original SRK thread, followed by a copy-paste for your convenience so you can read how the ranbats work.

Quote from: Arcade Legacy
Season 6 of the AL Ranking Battles will start on March 10th, 2012.

AL RANKING BATTLES FORMAT: ALL of the ranbat games are played on the same day. Instead of a set amount of money as the prize at the end of the season, you guys will end up making the prize money grow. How this will work is $2 from every admission will go into the pot of the main ranbat game you came to play each week. You can still play in all of the games if you wish, but your prize money can only be put towards one of the four main games. Obviously you will want that to go towards the game you feel you have the best chance of placing TOP 5 (or 3 or 2). The pot will be split 50/25/12/8/5, 70/20/10 and 70/30 for top 5,3, & 2 respectively. It will depend on how much money is in the pot at the end of the season. For example, if Marvel 3 averages 20 people a week, the pot will be around $200! In this instance, first place will take home about $100. There will also be prizes each week to the top 3 for each game.

I have a bunch of nice PS3 and XBOX360 sticks available for anyone to use, but I'd still recommend bringing your own if you've got one.

STREAM: The newly assembled AL stream will make it's ranbat debut this season. Catch the action here -

Arcade Legacy
662 Cincinnati Mills Dr.
Cincinnati, OH 45240


Weekly Prizes for each of the four main games:
1st - $15 credit to spend at AL
2nd - $10 credit to spend at AL
3rd - A free beverage of your choice (can be redeemed at a later date)

Cost: $10 regular arcade admission. Tournaments are FREE to enter.

Games and Times:

These are the four main games that your money can go into the prize pool for:

King of Fighters XIII @2pm (XBOX360)

Marvel vs Capcom 3 @230pm (PS3/XBOX360)

Super Street Fighter IV AE2012 @6pm (PS3)

Vampire Savior @630pm (arcade)

THESE THREE GAMES WILL HAVE RANBAT STANDINGS BUT NOT THE CASH PRIZES. Each week the winner will get a TASTY DRINK or SUGARY SNACK of their choice. At the end of the season there will be a prize of some sort and bragging rights of course.

Ping Pong aka Table Tennis aka Whiff Whaff aka Gossima @3pm (real life)
Soul Calibur V @4pm (PS3)
Windjammers @ 630pm (arcade)

DATES and Side Tournaments: Subject to change if dates conflict with another event
March 10th - Guilty Gear XXAC (PS2 and arcade)
March 31st - Street Fighter X Tekken (PS3) - $2 entry
April 28th - BlazBlue CS:EX
May 19th -
June 9th -

I will be needing some gear each ranbat. Please bring systems and games. No TVs will be needed.

The Point System:

Here's the point breakdown:

1st - 9pts
2nd - 8pts
3rd - 7pts
4th - 6pts
5th and 7th - 5pts
9th - 4pts
13th - 3pts
17th - 2pts
25th or below - 1pt

There will be posts in this thread which will show each weeks results and current point standings.

At the end of the 4 month season the player with the highest number of points amassed from the 5 tournaments is the season champion for that game.


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Topic stickied, and will add to the front page upcoming events section soon.
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Thanks for posting Jason! And thanks for picking it up, Desmond! : )