Author Topic: Trying to find players close to my area, and to play online ( yes! online! lol )  (Read 1263 times)


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Wud up peeps, Im not new to the KOF scene at all. Used to play it hardcore till 2006, then retired indefinitely. Used to go to tournaments and events, but now with work, girlfriend, and a son in his terrible twos, its for me impossible to go to one at the moment. Thats why I play a lot online and had a lot of competition on ssf4 for ps3. Then I bought KOF XIII hearing the online netcode was gonna be on par OF the former, but it wasnt good at all. Waited for the patch, played some games here and there, but there was still bad lag ( didnt have that problem with street fighter ). Then mw3 came and I have been playing that fps a LOT, but Im tired of first person shooters and wanna go back to my roots. An hour ago I inserted my kof xiii disc into my ps3 ( after blowing all the dust away ), went to online matchmaking, and only found 2 people ( one with 2 bars, the other with 1 ). Is the psn online dead already? Maybe it is if I just try to search for a random lobby, but what about players that play between each other every now and then? I have a hell of a connection ( wired, cable, 20 down, 4 up ) and would like to meet people here in this forum that wants to improve their gameplay while playing online. Maybe I can try going to certain get-togethers but definitely not those on the weekends, and those where there are so much people ( and few setups ) that one has to wait 30 minutes between matches to play.
PS: Hey Oscar, maybe you can train me or something like you did in KOF XI. You know I learn fast ^__~


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Welcome (back) to the game k4. Like Desmond said in another post, take advantage of an offline scene if you've got one. For online, unfortunately the DC online meet-ups (tournaments and ranbats) are on the weekends right now. You can check out the Netplay Player listing to see if you can find some steady competition. You've been uploaded there too.
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