Author Topic: Insert yourself into KoF XIII! Make your own win quotes!  (Read 3770 times)


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Insert yourself into KoF XIII! Make your own win quotes!
« on: July 07, 2012, 08:49:36 PM »
In this thread, you make win quotes for yourself if you were in the game. If you want, you can also do pre-battle dialogue, but that'll probably take a lot.

Preferably, use language that would be used in the game (that means no rated R stuff), but if you can't help it, then go ahead and do that. Never mind the text limitations of the game (whatever they may be).

Here we go!

vs. Ash: Are you sure you're not a girl? Because you look and fight like one!

vs. Billy: What's with the stick, bro? Are you trying to compensate for something?

vs. Saiki: I can turn time into ashes too. See? I just set my watch on fire!

vs. Elisabeth: You're not gonna beat my just by constantly trying to blind me.

vs. Duo Lon: Are you really an assassin? You seem much too kind for that...

vs. Shen: Only dumb brutes use brute strength, and you prove that!

vs. Kyo: I’m sure there’s a word for someone who can dish out heat but can’t take it… but ‘loser’ suits you fine!

vs. Benimaru: You pretty boys are never the hot stuff you claim to be.

vs. Daimon: You’re not gonna beat me with a lame, stale, and generic art like judo!

vs. Terry: Legendary Wolf? You fight more like a newborn cub to me!

vs. Andy: My, what big hands you have! It’s a shame they only serve you to feel better.

vs. Joe: Worst. Hurricane. Ever! Where’s the mass destruction?

vs. Athena: Thank goodness! I thought your face would shatter if I punched it!

vs. Kensou: You can change your duds all you want, but you’re still the same dork you’ve always been!

vs. Chin: When you sober up, remember to look in to a retirement home.

vs. Ralf: You’re not fit to even lead a squad of Army Men toys!

vs. Clark: Look at the bright side: those shades of yours can be used to hide your shame.

vs. Leona: And here I thought you only looked like a fresh recruit…

vs. Mai: I’ll admit it: they almost succeeded in hypnotizing me.

vs. King: How do you hope to win fights against others when you haven’t won the battle within yourself?

vs. Yuri: Of everyone I know, you’re the one who overrates their own skill the most.

vs. Iori: It’s a shame to see what you’ve become… and to think I used to admire you…

vs. Mature: Hey, wait a minute. Didn’t Uma Thurman take out your other eye in Kill Bill 2?

vs. Vice: Nice tattoo. Where can I get one just like it?

vs. Ryo: Even dragons can be slain. Remember that.

vs. Robert: Fancy dress may help you out in life, but fancy fighting is a waste of energy in combat.

vs. Takuma: You’re way past your prime, gramps. You should settle down already.

vs. Kim: I would never pick someone as weak as you to represent the forces of justice.

vs. Hwa Jai: I really enjoyed this match, Joe… I mean, Hwa.

vs. Raiden: Of course there’s no script! This right here is the real thing!

vs. K’: I know street lamps with more personality than you.

vs. Kula: The ice cream was a lie. Now go back to the sidelines with Mommy and Daddy.

vs. Maxima: If you’re a bad fighter, all the technology in the world isn’t gonna fix that.

vs. EX Iori: I think you’re really cool and all, but as I’ve just proved, I’m much better.

vs. EX Kyo: You can enhance your half-assed punches with fire, but in the end, they’re still half-assed punches.

vs. Mr. Karate: Can I have your mask? I just got an idea for a really great Halloween costume.

vs. Boss Saiki: You thought you could control the Orochi? How delusional are you?

vs. Dark Ash: So you turned your flames black… big deal! You still suck!