Author Topic: DC KOF XIII Online Tournament (7-21-2012) Results  (Read 2025 times)


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DC KOF XIII Online Tournament (7-21-2012) Results
« on: July 22, 2012, 05:00:13 PM »
Here are the results from the July 21st Tournament. Good to see a lot of newcomers and more Live players (finally), as well as more multi-system users, and best results yet are the scores are evening out.

If you see any irregularities, let me know asap so I can fix things and post the results on the frontpage.

DesmondDelaghetto(3) vs Mr. Bakaboy(0) (FT3)

Calibur753(2) vs Shrekbad(4) (FT4)

ALCATRAS09(1) vs TheHungryWolf(5) (FT5)

Hyou90(5) vs LazieFreddy(2) (FT5)

Mr. Bakaboy(5) vs TheC0re3(0) (FT5)

Gigantor1(1) vs Hyou90(5) (FT5)

DesmondDelaghetto(1) vs LazieFreddy(5) (FT5)

Shrekbad(3) vs TheC0re3(1) (FT3)

Calibur753(3) vs Gigantor1(0) (FT3)

Radman2994(5) vs SPLIFF(0) (FT5)

ALCATRAS09(5) vs Mr Bakaboy(3) (FT5)

Hyou90(5) vs Mr Bakaboy(0) (FT5)

Sanctuary(4) vs TheHungryWolf(5) (FT5)

ALCATRAS09(5) vs Sanctuary(3) (FT5)

Calibur753(10) vs Trampybasher(5) (FT10)

DesmondDelaghetto(0) vs Radman2994(3) (FT3)

LazieFreddy(5) vs Mr Bakaboy(1) (FT5)

ALCATRAS09(0) vs Radman2994(4) (FT4)

Sanctuary(5) vs SPLIPH(3) (FT5)

Calibur753(0) vs Hyou90(5) (FT5)

Radman2994 [4.5 points]
ALCATRAS09 [4 points]
TheHungryWolf [4 points]
Sanctuary [2 points]
DesmondDelaghetto [1 point]
SPLIPH [0 points]

Hyou90 [6 points]
Calibur753 [5 points]
Shrekbad [2.5 points]
Gigantor1 [0 points]
TheC0re3 [0 points]
TrampyBasher [0 points]

LazieFreddy [2 points]
Mr Bakaboy [2 points]
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