Author Topic: DC KOF XIII Online Tournament (10-13-2012) Results  (Read 1888 times)


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DC KOF XIII Online Tournament (10-13-2012) Results
« on: October 14, 2012, 03:34:44 AM »
Here are the results for the 10/13 tournament. Bit of a smaller turnout today, but still fun. More XBL people than PSN again; wonder if this is a new trend going on. Nice to see some old names still fighting, and hope to see some more new ones from the PSN+ members getting into the game some time. And congrats to Hyou on a solid victory this week. We'll see if someone else can take the throne next time.

Hyou90(5) vs Kusanagi(0) (FT5)

Initx(5) vs TrampyBasher(0) (FT5)

Hyou90(5) vs Trampybasher(0) (FT5)

Amedo(2) vs Zerotrigger(0) (FT2)

Hyou(5) vs Initx(2) (FT5)

Jay1andONLY1(3) vs solidshark(2) (FT3)

(FT2 counts as 0.5)

Jay1andONLY1 [1 point]
AmedoS310 [0.5 points]
solidshark [0 points]
Zerotrigger [0 points]

Hyou90 [6 points]
Initx [2 points]
Kusanagi [0 points]
Trampybasher [0 points]

(If players see any irregularities, please let me know asap)
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