Author Topic: Jan12, 2013:: K.O.: Kansas City Onslaught ep.4 FINALROUND QUALIFIER  (Read 1256 times)


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Its official. Through the work of BobSmack, the FinalRound Qualifier will be returning to Kansas City. It will be held as part of the January KO event. January's KO is being held on 01.12.2013. (Learn more about FinalRound at: )

The way it will work-
KO will go down as it usually does but competitors wont only be playing for pride and purse. This time you will also be playing for entry into FinalRound 16.

Winning an event at this KO gets you:
-Fight Money
-Waived Venue Fee at FinalRound 16
-Free entry into any and all games that you would wish to compete in at FinalRound 16
-First round pool byes in the games you win.
**If you win multiple events then you can donate your waived fees to a fellow competitor of your choice

If you look at that from a monetary value, its at most a $140 bonus prize on top of the 1st place fight money you would normally be taking home from KO.

This is a big thing for all of us. Lets spread the word and try to make this one count!

As an added bonus, BobSmack has just let me know that if we can have at least a 128-man bracket for one of our games, that games winner will also get their HOTEL COVERED for FinalRound 16!!!

**Moved to start time out to 3PM to give out of towners a little more time.
Tentative Schedule
10AM- Doors open
11AM -Registration Starts at
3PM - Start both KOF and SF
ASAP - Start Persona and Tekken Tag 2 as KOF winds down
ALSO - Start UMVC3 as SF comes to a close
THIS WAY - we can knock business out of the way so that we can have EXFUNTIMES like teams and other games (depending on participation)

VenueFee - $5 (goes directly back to the scene)
KOF - $10
SF - $10
P4a - $5 (unless participants want to go for $10)
Tekken Tag 2 - $10
UMVC3 - $10

DOA5, MK9, SC5, and meltyblood will be played if we have the setups and at least 8 participants. Polls have been made to find interest and timeslots will be given once we have 8 confirmed participants.


SRK thread:

KCSRK website:

***Google maps leads you in the wrong direction when you exit highway i-29. From i-29, exit West on NW64th st to N. Cosby. Take a left on N Cosby and its the second entrance to the strip mall. The venue is the spot directly on the corner when you enter the strip mall.