Author Topic: [22nd-24th Feb] Ozhadou Nationals 11 (Sydney, Australia) - Pre-register by 18th!  (Read 1983 times)


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22nd - 24th Febuary 2013

As for times - Official times have not been decided yet, but as a rough guide - Friday: afternoon until evening; Saturday: morning until evening; and Sunday morning: until early evening.

Red Room, Level 1, 99 York Street Sydney NSW 2000

Registration and cost:
Pre-register here at the OHN11 website by the 18th Febuary 2013 (GMT+11). You cannot register at the door.

Entry fee is $35 for three days access with casual play. $10 per official tournament.

For spectators, entry is free of charge.


Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver.2012
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Tekken Tag 2 Tournament
King of Fighters XIII
Virtua Fighter 5  Final Showdown

All of these games are on XBOX360 but Tekken Tag 2 Tournament (PS3)

Unofficially, (or DIY as refered on the site)

Street Fighter III: Third Strike (via 3SOE)
Soul Calibur V (PS3)

You may check schedule information here once it does go up.


King of Fighters XIII
Console: XBOX360
Game settings: Default settings - standard life settings; 60 second timer; default damage
Match rules: Best of 3 games.
Additional rules: White stage soft bannable on request; If you pick random, players can agree on what they want to do, otherwise just rematch.

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition
Console: XBOX360
Game settings: Best of 3 rounds; 99 second timer; Default damage.
Match rules: Best of 3 games.
Additional rules: Losing player can change characters; Winning player can change Ultra, but must choose before the opponent picks theirs.

Tekken Tag 2 Tournament
Console: Playstation 3.
Game settings: Best of 5 rounds; Standard life settings; Random stage select; Solo mode is allowed.
Match rules: Best of 3 games.
Additional rules: Losing player can change teams; In-game macros are banned; All console exclusive characters are banned (i.e. Alex, Ancient Ogre, Angel, Combot, Doctor Boskonovitch, Forest Law, Kunimitsu, Michelle, Miharu, P.Jack, Sebastian, Slim Bob, Tiger, Unknown and Violet are banned); Mokujin is also banned because it can mimic banned characters.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Console: XBOX360
Game settings: 99 second timer; Default damage; Auto-jump after launch off.
Match rules: Best of 5 games.
Additional rules: Losing player can change teams and assists; Winning player must keep same team order and assists.

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown
Console: XBOX360, ver. A.
Game settings: Best of 5 rounds; 45 second timer; Default damage; Random stage select.
Match rules: Best of 5 games.
Additional rules: Losing player can change character and/or request stage change.

Report matches as soon as they are finished.

All competitors are required to bring their own controller when reporting for their matches.

Wireless controllers are not permitted due to the potential interference it may have with neighbouring players.

More information regarding to format of tournament can be found here


For more information, please check out the OzHadou Nationals 11 website for details at

Any Australians lurking around, please come and check it out! If any of you guys play KOF13, please enter! :)
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