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New Player from Maryland. I also play on GGPO and Supercade.

Started by LoudSquall, February 28, 2013, 06:20:28 AM

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"Hey! C'mon, C'mon!"

Hello everyone! My name is Austin, I enter tournaments under the handles USA_Leon and USA_Chances (also occasionally with a "endorsement" GI prefix as a shoutout to a Facebook group I'm in.)

I've been participating sparingly in FGC events for about a year, struggling to find the modern game I wanted to play at a serious competitive level, and King of Fighters XIII is the game. (I'm also currently dabbling in Street Fighter x Tekken)

I'm a very young player (KoF '94 came out the year I was born), but most of my background in fighting games is actually in old school stuff since I spend most of my time on GGPO and Supercade, and XIII has a lot of the elements I like from a lot of different style of fighters and footsies: namely, gorgeous 2D graphics, fun music, lots of chunky blockstun, and stylish, high damage combos. It also made me very happy that they gave a helping hand to player like me who prefer pad by allowing macros for EX moves and HD activation.

I really enjoy almost all of the characters in XIII and I hope to have all of them in my pocket at some point. Right now though, my team is Karate, Terry, Shen. (Very original, I know.)

If you play in the DMV you might see me around, although I'm neither wealthy enough to travel to tournaments out of the area, nor do I have the skill to justify doing so.

However, if you'd like to play, look for me on GGPO and Supercade. I'm not at all a high level player yet, but I love to play all the time, and much of the KoF metagame stays the same across versions, so invite me to play whichever version is your preference. (I'm not familiar with every tier list, but I really dig 2003 right now for the even faster pace combat of tag teaming and high-tier Terry Bogard. Terry is my favorite character.) My handle for both is usalionheart (or usaleonheart, I forget). I also love Garou and I'm looking to try SamSho, and I play pretty much every old Capcom game at least casually, so just let me know.

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Welcome to DC. Come chat with us in the chatbox on the front page sometime.
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Welcome to DC. Shen replacing Elizabeth. Nice choice. I'll see you next week on Wednesday and on the Saturday.