Author Topic: Border Beatdowns 1.5 (season 1 finale) (Matamoros, Tamps. Mex) [5/30/2013]  (Read 2522 times)

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Hello members of
Well first of all most of you don't know this community so I will explain what is going on near Brownsville Texas.

We are a small community of more than 20 people who plays weekly the king of fighters XIII, we have been playing kof and other games since 1998 and had attended some majors in Texas but we are now located at Matamoros, Tamps. the first city in Mexico crossing the border. After the revival in 2011 we decided to gather some OG players and make a new scene for everyone, including everyone who wants to play and live near Matamoros from the US, we are a peacefull and friendly people, our priority is to have fun and make a good experience for playing KoF and other games down in Mexico Border.

The tournament has no fee entry and everyone is welcome to participate in it.

You can find more information at:

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Re: Hunting Nights Weekly (Matamoros, Tamps. Mex) [3/14/2013]
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Sup, I added your weekly tournament to the upcoming events section on the front page. No need to make a new post every week. Have fun. Take some videos if you can!

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