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March 24, 2013 San Diego Saltmines’ Spring Swagathon.

Started by Rhythmaxed, March 18, 2013, 05:39:29 AM

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Pre-registration is available! There will be no registration at the door, and registration will close 11:59pm Friday, March 22nd.

Our address: 7969 Engineer Rd. #114, San Diego, CA, 92111


It's about that time to throw down in San Diego again!

We will be hosting 4 games: UMvC3, AE, KOF 13, P4A.


-$5 Venue fee + $5 per game

-PLEASE NOTE: We will be taking pre-registration ONLY for this tournament.

-Soda/Waters : $.50 as always


-For each game:
1st/2nd/3rd - 70%/20%/10%

-We are also giving away 2 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 sticks, courtesy of Mark Julio and the MadCatz team! (details below)


[Quick note, the stream will be 100% Marvel for the day, but we are working on acquiring a second stream setup temporarily for the day so we can record and later post up the matches from AE & the other 2 games.]


Estimated Timetable:

12pm: Doors open to public

1pm: -AE Tournament Starts
-Seraphic vs lmc Combusted ft 10

2pm: Mr. Certified vs WL UncleMatt ft. 10

3pm: BT | Viscant vs Dios-X vs WL Crisco ft 10

4pm: -UMvC3 Tournament starts
-KOF Tournament starts

7pm: -P4A Tournament starts

10:30pm - End of tournaments/Award Ceremony

11:59pm - Venue closes


How YOU can win a Tekken Tag Tournament 2 MadCatz stick!

All proceeds will be donations to the venue, so come out, have some fun, and help support us!

1. Show off your Street Fighter swag and try to complete challenge #10 (the Diago parry) in Third Strike!

-We will have a station for this all day! $5 gets you 10 tries!

-If you complete the challenge on the first try, you will receive 10 raffle tickets towards the drawing for the stick. Each failure will cost you 1 ticket.

2. Show off your UMvC3 swag and pull off a "swag combo" ON the stream station!

-Costs an additional $5 to your tournament fees to enter this competition!

-By entering this competition, you will be guaranteed an appearance on stream (1 minimum).

-Swag combo must be ON STREAM (either in a tournament match or in an exhibition match)

-Winner will be determined by reaction of the crowd. Whoever gets the crowd the most hype during the day wins the stick!


ALL GAMES on PS3 (deal with it)

AE: 2/3 sets, WF, LF, and GF are 3/5
UMvC3: 3/5 sets

Regular rule set can be found on www.SanDiegoFGC.com

Tournament Director will have final say in all disputes.

Our address: 7969 Engineer Rd. #114, San Diego, CA, 92111


Remember guys registration ends this friday night and they are not accepting signups the day of the tournament. So if you are going make sure to register on the website!