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Kyo Kusanagi Match-up Discussion
« on: December 11, 2011, 07:58:00 PM »
I figured i'd start this thread so that we can understand the trials and tribulations of this Flame wielding protagonist with out further a due lets start.

This match is a bitch, in just every sense of the word, forcing Kyo to get impatient and take those unfavorable arcs. You have to play very patient, since Ash's A DP can pick you off and reset your progress. Once you get in close though Ash's A dp is his best friend and worst enemy. It's fast enough to punish your spacing options, even 5D so watch out for this. Bait it out and on block you can 5C > convert, or if he whiffs you have to react quickly dash up and 5C > convert for a punish and put it in Kyo's favorable position. Also don't be too predictable and don't stagger your strings too much or you'll eat an A DP free.

In neutral, you surely have to react Kyo's EX projectile is a big help so it's not completely a loss. Reacting to Genie placement and projectiles knocks down Ash and gives you some ground for extreme measures Kyo's Neo Max punishes quite well.

There's quite a few points in this match-up that can be annoying for Kyo too deal with. Her normals are fast and are long reaching so spacing can be quite tasking. Her 2D shrinks her hit box so she can get under your J.B as well as dodge your 5D and knock you down. Other then that moonslasher keeps her area safe and is almost always a constant danger though if blocked she's in deficit so you can punish her hard and make her pay for it. Once Leona has meter she pretty much has free jump-ins as Vslasher is truly scary. Especially EX since it can take a good chunk of your life and punish your anti-air attempts.

I personally play this match grounded and patient, rushing is ill-advised unless you punish her projectile startup with Kyo's EX which will knock her down and give you the advantage.

This matchup is easier then Saiki, you can play this match up patiently since he doesn't have an EX projectile that can punish your projectiles. So you can walk up and be a nuiscance, just don't get out of control or you'll quickly find yourself in the corner in a soft knockdown state. This battle becomes a little bit more annoying passed midscreen since his projectile becomes that more effective. Rolling passed it is ill-advised, and at the proper spacing jumping over projectile will only get you DPed or anti-air super into safe jump.  When under seige by the flamboyant antagonist, J4B can always be used to bait you out so always be aware of this fact.

Iori (Claw)
Haven't fought this match up too much, but it seems to be more in Kyo's favor due to having a projectile, and some pretty good normals. Kyo's ability to effectively switch from zoning to aggression is simply great, being able to annoy him and keep him under wraps. Though Iori's normals are great and are able to battle back Kyo's great onslaught. You have to be careful if you get knockdown as he can put into an intense level of hurt especially with his command cross up and overhead.  Also his 2D actually goes under J.B , but can be punished on block by a dash up 2B conversion.

Iori (Flame)
This fight is a bit more to deal with, since he has his fire back. His C projectile is something to keep in mind as it travels fast and will more than likely catch you in startup if you're trying to clash projectiles with him better to neutral jump over it to keep your space or roll if the spacing is in your favor. Though it's still quite straightforward, his 2D also goes under your J.B, but can be punished on block by a dash up 2B conversion.

This match-up is a battle of patience as an attentive Elisabeth can have you knocked down and guessing from a simple 5A anti air. Her dp is also something to worry about, it can punish your projectiles at closer ranges so stay aware. In neutral she can nullify projectiles and gain meter and stay put forcing you to come to her which is a bad thing since EX dp will be waiting for you around the corner. Just relax and play solid and safe, jumping too much and playing too overzealous will get you into definite trouble.

In air to air situations it's hard to win that battle, her J.CD is great and it out ranges a lot of your jump normals, it seems like you have to get above her J.CD to punish her will tell more once I play this match-up more.

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Re: Kyo Kusanagi Match-up Discussion
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2012, 06:14:20 PM »
Ok I have a REALLY hard time against Karate in 3 against my Kyo in 3.

I can't find a gameplan other than bait a dp/ex sdm and PUNISH HIM

Because :
Can't jump if not close enough to instant crossup
Can't come close because :
I can't jump
I can't walk forward
I can't roll
I might be able to break roll if Karate wouldn't have the ability to push me too far with a blockstring which is unpunishable without a break roll and because if I break roll all day long HOW CAN I KILL HIM?
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Re: Kyo Kusanagi Match-up Discussion
« Reply #2 on: June 13, 2012, 07:42:34 PM »
I'm guessing you're referring to Anchor Kyo vs. Anchor Karate, and it is annoying.

Keep in mind, while he has things like DP and EX Ranbu to punish things like your jumps, YOU have your own DP and EX Orochinagi to punish his crap.  First touch for both is death.

Play it safe, let Karate make the mistake.  You'll find a hole, and if nothing else, he'll give you something to punish with EX Orochinagi once forcing him to play tight, but at that point you'll have the life lead.
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