Author Topic: [May 4, 2013] Keep it Classy 3 - KoF XIII Introduction [Edmonton, Alberta]  (Read 1116 times)


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All the tournament information is there but I just want to highlight KoFXIII.

Keep It Classy 3 (May 4th 2013 - Edmonton, Alberta)

Date: Saturday May 4th 2013.
Venue Opens at 10:00AM.

Location: Macewan City Center Campus Building 6 Cafeteria



$5. If you bring a setup, you don't have to pay the venue fee.

There's no final information on the KoFXIII side tourney. There's been expressed interest in the Edmonton FGC to learn KoFXIII but players are looking for a helping hand to learn the game. Those who are familiar with the Edmonton FGC will be glad to know that PJ and I will be hosting a station to help players who want to learn the game. This information has been posted on the Edmonton FGC facebook group, SRK, and now here. If anyone knows anybody in the Alberta area who is looking to learn please let them know. Hope to see a good turn out this Saturday.