Author Topic: KOF XIII Character Change Wishlist  (Read 1672 times)


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KOF XIII Character Change Wishlist
« on: May 22, 2013, 08:27:40 AM »
KOF XIII for consoles has been out about a year and a half now. So then, since things seem a little slow, I thought we may as well bring up what sort of changes characters or the game's systems we think they should receive if the game received a hypothetical patch.

I'll start things off. Of course, some of these suggestions are things I just think would make the character more enjoyable.


-Slider Shoot command change to df+D from df+B
-Heavy Crowbites (dp+C) alter so that it will always knockdown on hit.
-cr.C startup change from 5 frames to 4 frames.
-cr.C cancelable into Slider Shoot (df+D) on hit.
-Ice Coffin adjust from 8 hits to 3 hits
-Freeze Execution Damage Buffed to (120)+(12x15)

(Fun) - Replace hard KD on Slider Shoot with small launch, able to be followed up with DPs if done as an anti-air or allowed to hit the ground with a hard KD to set up Oki.

-Slider Shoot no longer combos from light attacks.

Ideas/Goals behind changes:
Freeze Execution sucks as it is currently. Made it a little bit better.
Fix Kula's DP so that cr.B s.B xx dp+C combos will never whiff
Change Kula's slide input to avoid accidental suicide via slide
Make cr.C a more respectable anti-air.
Allow Counterhit cr.C to combo into Slider Shoot in order to make cr.C potentially lead into the hard KD slide. Maybe even slide under opponents who are hit high in the air for cross unders.
Throw to empty NeoMAX Cancel does additional damage due to less scaling.
(Fun) - Allows Kula to chase down bad jumps with slider shoot, able to follow up with drive and meter into combos. Slider Shoot and cr.C are both extremely dangerous moves for Kula, nearly always punishable unless used perfectly, and I figured the risk/reward ratio should be improved for her. Also, CH cr.C could actually be quite scary when leading into a launch slide.
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Re: KOF XIII Character Change Wishlist
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2013, 10:53:04 PM »
This sounds like fun! It was a topic I've been meaning to do as well =P

I'll list some of my own:


Have him recover faster from his ground-shaker feint so that he can do a normal, followed by a feint, then another normal. It is literally a feint cancel. (Of course, he would only be able to link in two normals like this so as to not make him too cheap)


Invincibility frames on the startup of Rising Tackle.


Change the animation of his EX Slash Kick to that of his RB2 strong Slash Kick. (More of an aesthetic change than anything)


Change his standalone qcf+K to be a regular flying kick. (Like a Shingo Kick)
Buff the damage and chip on his hardly-used dp+P.


Give her an EX version of her d~u+P, which allows her to cancel it at anytime with a normal, makes her follow-up multihitting, and allows her to cancel out of it with any aerial move like air qcb+P, her (EX)DM, or her NM.


Allow his EX Head Crusher to be super-cancellable to his command grab DM.
Makes his Crazy Train an "impact" DM. (That is, when the first hit makes contact, the rest of the DM will pull off; similar to one of Hinako's DMs in '01 and '03)

That's all I can think of for now.