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New Kof Confirmed?

Started by CJ, August 06, 2014, 05:00:46 AM

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Read here:

"Recently, SNK Playmore added a staff recruitment page to their website for a new King of Fighters.

This entry, however, will not be using the high definition sprites of previous titles. Instead, the new King of Fighters will be in 3D.

Read below for more details.
Along with a game programmer, the recruitment page specifies that the company is looking for a CG designer who can work on 3D and high-end character models.

Siliconera managed to get in touch with SNK Playmore and confirmed the 3D aspect of the new game. It's currently unclear whether the title will truly be 3D similar to the Tekken series or if it will take a 2.5D approach like Capcom's Street Fighter 4.

Sources: Siliconera and SNK Playmore's official website.

Tip sent in by XeroDgX."

That a new Kof was on the way and that it will be using 3d models. I imagine this is to speed up the production time wile reducing the cost and attracting more people.

I know some people are looking forward to something new, and this might be it.



I just pray its not a pachislot machine on this. I'm having hope mainly because KOF's 20th Anniversary.

Mr Bakaboy


Same stuff already talked about. Just Playmore still comfirming what we know
Say it with me now: "Variable input lag BAAAAAAD!!!"