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New to FG and getting bodied in China.

Started by Strudelicious, August 15, 2013, 08:41:13 PM

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Hey Dreamcancel! So I'm pretty much new to FG's in general. I played SSFIV:AE VERY casually in the boonies of the US. After coming to China I had illusions of my skill completely shattered when I played the local community at an arcade. I then picked up KOF XIII simply because KOF has a much higher following here in China and realized how much MORE of a bad idea that was when even single player started giving me insane amounts of difficulty. Understand that I am a person who never really did the Trial modes or the challenges of fighting games...

In my bout of depression at getting destroyed by 40 year old men I started going online and watching nonstop Juicebox videos to really try to understand the game's mechanics and reading game theory literature. So what I have gleaned so far is that KOF is about:
1. Yomi, controlling space and creating opportunity while knowing your opponents choices and probable reactions
2. EXECUTION, combos are long. If I don't learn to execute ON POINT I will not be able to really keep up with the competition no matter how good my Yomi is since 1 opening can eventually lead to an entire life bar disappearing.

So far I have not even found characters that really resonate with me. I believe that I want Takuma to be an integral part of my game simply because of his high damage output, his low requirement on bar, and his simplicity of combos. Since KOF is a 3v3 game, I'm having trouble deciding my team order and the other 2 members of my team. So far I have had the most success with Andy's combo execution (which isn't saying much AT ALL) and have a liking towards Kensou's style but worry about the possible low damage output, high execution demands. Duo Lon looks amazing too, but to a beginning player with low skill level like me I do not know if that route is wise either. I really would appreciate comments on a training regimen (I have an hour to 2 every day to devote to this game) and some possible discussion on team configurations.

If this is the wrong section I apologize.


Strudelicious, welcome to the site and community. Part of me wants to say sorry your running into such heavy competition already for KOF, but another part of me is happy your exposed to a large group of players who know how to play it and make you a better player sooner than you think.

A lot of players believe that this KOF isn't as reliant on tiers as a lot of other fighters, so a team of Takuma/Andy/Kensou/Duo Lon could easily work for a win. Duo will take more effort to optimize than others, but give him time and he'll pay back in dividends. Basically use whomever you like and know them inside out to get the win. And don't be discouraged by the # of losses; compared to many, you've got the tools to get more competitive wins due to your scene.

For a training regimen, at least an hour is recommended a day if you can spare it. 2 is more than enough. Definitely you can ask at this forum, in the KOF XIII section, about team placement.
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welcome to DC, yo. Access to Chinese KoF comp? That must have been amazing.

I suppose for more focused discussion on your team etc. you can bring it over the the character threads in the XIII forum or the training room forum for broader questions.

anyways good luck and enjoy your time here!
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