Author Topic: DC KOF XIII SE Online Tournament (9/28/2013) Results  (Read 2680 times)


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DC KOF XIII SE Online Tournament (9/28/2013) Results
« on: September 29, 2013, 02:19:35 AM »
Here are the results for the first Steam Edition online tournament for XIII. Good turnout today, and as the playerbase grows, hopefully the player numbers and results will be even better. Congratulations to all the players today, and to the winner L.Valjean; I hope you all can return for the next one.

Irfaanator(0) vs LazieFreddy(7) (FT7)

LazieFreddy(5) vs WagonWheels(0) (FT5)

Eltro(4) vs L.Valjean(10) (FT10)

Irfaanator(0) vs Uzu(3) (FT3)

CommonSense(5) vs Merkilo(1) (FT5)

L.Valjean(5) vs Merkilo(1) (FT5)

LazieFreddy(5) vs Uzu(0) (FT5)

L.Valjean(8) vs Uzu(0) (FT8)

Irfaanator(0) vs L.Valjean(3) (FT3)

Eletro(5) vs Uzu(0) (FT5)

n0thin89(3) vs LazieFreddy(5) (FT5)

Dynicksty(11) vs WagonWheels(1) (FT11)

Irfaanator(1) vs WagonWheels(3) (FT3)

CommonSense(5) vs L.Valjean(1) (FT5)

Dynicksty(3) vs Eltro(3) (FT3)

L.Valjean(5) vs LazieFreddy(1) (FT5)

L.Valjean [11 points]
LazieFreddy [6 points]
Dynicksty [5 points]
CommonSense [4 points]
Eltro [3 points]
Uzu [1 point]
WagonWheels [1 point]
Irfaanator [0 points]
n0thin89 [0 points]
Merkilo [0 points]

(if there are any inconsistencies, please let me know asap)
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