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Author Topic: [2/22/14] MAXOUT - Featuring Special Event: Team Kansas City vs. Team Omaha 5v5!  (Read 2397 times)

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Somewhere… in a cornfield in bum-fuck nowhere... Some of the best KOF players in the country have been quietly grinding their way to the top. The players of the most dedicated community in Kansas City have taken great pride in their abilities, but the Evil Omaha Empire (yes, that’s really what they call themselves), led by the dastardly Jamarr "Jamarvelous" Lewis, has constantly pushed them to their limits.

The KOFXIII hype stole the show last month, so we’re setting up a special event to highlight this rivalry:

Team Kansas City
KC’s Notor1ous (Karate / Hwa / EX Iori)
SamsonK (K’ / Kim / Kyo)
Violent Gilgamesh (Kim / EX Kyo / EX Iori)
No Alias (Kyo / Takuma / Yuri)
Radian (Benimaru / King / Iori)


Team Omaha
Jamarvelous (Benimaru / Hwa / Takuma)
Yulai (Yuri / Mature / EX Iori)
Chris Henderson (Ryo / Maxima / Kyo)
Jacquez (Duo Lon / Iori / Terry)
Nick Frieze (Saiki / Karate / Benimaru)


This is all going down as part of our MAXOUT tournament on Saturday, Feb 22. The 5v5 is scheduled to take place immediately following the KOFXIII tournament itself, which is expected to wrap up around 4 PM CST. Tune into to watch it all. The entire tournament day also begins streaming at 1 PM CST - feel free to join us for our other games and matches, and please help get the word out by following us at and tweeting out about the event!

Full details of the event can be found here:

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BUMP people show up and learn/have some drinks. great environment with great people.
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MAXOUT KOFXIII action starts now! Currently finishing up the tournament with the Winners Finals between HiggsBison and Crimson Red, with the 5v5 between Kansas City and Omaha shortly to follow!