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ChatWing - Possible New Chat Room?

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On the Dream Cancel twitter, the ChatWing tweeted us suggesting to use this chat room platform that sorta looks like chatango with more features:

It has support for login for many different social media platforms such as google+, facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc. etc. and you can even download an app for your phone for you can stay logged in & connected to the chat as long as you like.

Let me know if anyone here is interested in switching to this new chat platform and I'll put it in the site.


I'm okay with it, especially if the phone app is an improvement over trying to use chatango via the phone.

Not a problem!

I am still for the IRC, but I guess everything is better than chatango, so it sounds ok.

with the ability to have cross platform logins maybe it will entice more people to join the chat. seems cool.


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