Author Topic: The House of Chaos Presents - The OverDrive Series [June 8, 2014] Results  (Read 1753 times)


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Race to Three Exhibition results:

Marco Polo Vs. TSB A3 Religion; 3-0
Rogueyoshi Vs. TSB A3 Religion; 0-3
DC Malik Vs. Murderkae; 0-3

Entrants: 11
1st: DC Lazie Freddie (~$54)
2nd: Shadow780 (~$15)
3rd: TSB| Liston (~$8)
4th: DC Malik
5th: TSB A3 Religion
5th: FRC Riot Stomp
7th: rougeyoshi
7th: MurderKae
9th: MP Garou Mike
9th: A5
9th: EJAY CV

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Footage will be uploaded on Bum's YouTube channel
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