Author Topic: Involved w/ starting a new Video Arcade, need help on coin-op game distributors  (Read 2809 times)

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I have to be a bit secretive at the request of the entrepenuer, but basically I am involved with him to setting up an Arcade on the East Coast.  Will provide more specifics as things progress.

I'm having some trouble finding coin op machine distributors, I've tried BMIGaming, and they seem really good but don't have the titles or machines that I am specifically looking for.

For quick examples, i'm looking for Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition, KOF XIII, KOF 98 UM, 2k2UM, Dance Dance Revolution, Wangan Midnight 3 etc etc. 

I know SSFIVAE isn't out yet, but I'd like to be able to have it asap.

Basically in this venture i want to do it right, so that means supplying the tried and true titles plus new quality titles, I want it to be THE NorthEastern US Arcade spot.  With classics and new titles in all genres.

So I'd really like some info or contact info for people from Arcade Inifinty, Arcade UFO etc if possible for tips on the Arcade business and suppliers.

Shoot if you have questions.

Thanks in advance.


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Yeah I'd suggest you get in contact with some other arcade operators and maybe check Amazon or somethin', could probably get some good deals from them and stuff, anyway good luck.

Where will it be located?
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wHATWhat about coin op express?

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krazykone, yeah i'm just seeing if there are any Arcade operators here or that know of any personally first.

I can't disclose the exact location yet but in the upper side of the East Coast.

Coin op xpress is one of the dealers I'm looking at but like i said I'm checking if anyone here has any useful information like direct experience with purchasing or knowing someone who has/does etc.

So far as far as general cabinets, these seem like a good build :

4 or 6 of these would be ideal for the fighters that we want to stock.  Again i am in need of Game kits distributors of the big titles..

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